The Link Between Gum Disease and Blood Pressure

In a recent study, it has been suggested that there is a strong correlation between gum disease and high blood pressure. 

The fact is that more and more modern health research is suggesting a link between health conditions, including hypertension, and gum disease. The more severe the case of gum disease, the likelier it is that the patient also suffers from hypertension. When it comes to gum disease, it was also proven that those who are not managing their high blood pressure effectively also have poorly treated gum disease. 

The result of which is that it is much more important that people understand the correlated risk. As well as the fact that they should be then given the advice, across health providers, on how to tackle both issues.

Good tips for reducing your risk of gum disease (and therefore blood pressure) include:

Daily Care

The most important and easiest way that you can help to prevent the development of gum disease and its associated health issues is through a healthy daily dental routine. 

Brush every day, twice a day – making sure to brush for at least two minutes and along the gum line. 

  • Floss at least once a day. 
  • Mouthwash can complement a healthy dental routine. 
  • Maintain a healthy diet, avoiding highly acidic or sugary foods/drinks. Certain nutrients can also help support gum health as part of a balanced diet. 
  • Avoid or quit smoking (it can lead to both gum disease and oral cancer). 
  • And, finally, make sure that you schedule regular hygiene appointments with your dentist.  

Regular Dental Visits 

Of course, not everyone enjoys going to the dentist. But, when it comes to keeping your health up in all areas, including your blood pressure, it is important to ensure you do everything possible; which means regular dental visits! One dental visit, even a regular checkup rather than a hygienist visit, can reveal a more serious problem and help to counteract it early. As, if left to develop, it can become a much more severe issue. 

A regular dental visit can ensure you have a regular gum check, as well as potentially creating a personalised plan for your home care (which can almost always be improved upon). If you do develop gum disease, it can also be helpful to know this so you can tackle any potential hypertension symptoms alongside this. 

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