There Are Two Types of Nervous Patients …

Nervous patientsAt Dental Solutions Lymm we see all kinds of patients from all walks of life. But over the years more and more people come to our practice because of our experience in transforming nervous patients into patients who have no fear of the dentist. Our principal dentist Dr Gavin Laidlaw, with his extensive experience in this area of patient care, has noticed how nervous patients fall into two distinct groups of people: 

Patients who are embarrassed about their teeth, have delayed treatment or think that they may be judged by their oral hygiene etc.

• Patients with a fear of the dentist, fear of pain, procedures, needles etc.

If you too consider yourself a nervous patient and you fit in the first category, take a look at the example of one of our patients Mark Platt. He came into Dental Solutions completely ashamed of his teeth, delaying dental treatment for years. With the help of Gavin, the rest of the team and Mark’s own determination to fight his phobia it has paid off in every way as he is now more confident than ever with a new bright and healthy smile.

 However, if you feel like you could fall into the second  category and you might be absolutely terrified of dental needles, read about Marj’s story, another nervous patient who is needle phobic and managed to conquer her fear with the help of our team in Lymm. Marj has been a patient at Dental Solutions for 5 years now and is very proud to say that she is no longer a nervous patient. 

It all starts with a free consultation at Dental Solutions Lymm. You will not be judged by how your smile looks or if you are worried that you have bad breath. We promise not to hurt you. You don’t even need to sit in the dental chair if it scares you. You will be given the highest standard of service and treatment by our caring team, so please take that important first step by booking your appointment. Please call our Reception Team on 01925 756565 and ask to speak to our Patient Experience Manager. Or if you don’t want to talk, why not e mail us first at

Feel free to discuss your concerns and fears with Patient Experience Manager who will arrange your visit to meet us. We look forward to seeing you soon.


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