How to use Tepe Interdental Brushes: 10 Handy Hacks & Tips to Get the Most Out of Them

What are Tepe or Interdental brushes? 

Interdental brushes help to prevent gum disease by getting rid of pieces of food and plaque from between your teeth.

They have small bristled heads designed to clean between your teeth, and they come in different widths to suit the sizes of the gaps.

Our hygienist team Sarah Towns and Victoria Middleton recommend using interdental brushes as a superior alternative to dental floss; as studies suggest they can be more effective for plaque removal than flossing. Here they advise how to use Tepe interdental brushes to make sure they’re as effective as possible for you.

How to use Tepe Interdental Brushes to get them most of them:

  1. Make sure that you have the right size or coloured brush to effectively clean between the gaps- our hygienist team can prescribe the most appropriate brush or brushes for you as you may need more than one colour! The fit should be snug and be able to move comfortably in a forwards and backwards motion between your teeth. We also have a special multipack deal at Reception when you buy 5 packets of any colour to keep you topped up between visits.
  2. Another consideration on how to use Tepe interdental brushes is practicing in front of the mirror so you can see up close where to insert the brush. There’s a knack to using interdental brushes, but once you get the hang of it, it will become second nature, and we can show you how.
  3. Use your tepe brush before using a toothbrush to ensure that your each tooth’s surface area has the maximum exposure to the benefits of the toothpaste.
  4. Try to use a tepe every day with a gentle to and fro movement around each gap. We find that dipping the tepe in a little toothpaste can add to the overall effectiveness too!
  5. To improve the reach and access of the tepe brush, always attach the white extension to the brush provided in each packet, and bend the brush at right angles at its base.
  6. Don’t neglect your back teeth. Because the back teeth are a little harder to reach than the front, you may be tempted to not to clean them as thoroughly. Unfortunately, this is where the most food residue is, so not cleaning them properly can result in plaque build-up, bad breath and more serious oral health conditions like gum disease (gingivitis and periodontitis). So make sure you give your back teeth some extra special attention when brushing between them. With one hand holding the brush, gently pull your cheek back. To get even more access to the back teeth, close your mouth a little bit to soften your cheek. Hold the interdental brush between your thumb and index finger, and make sure to prop up with the middle finger to support your in and out movement. This will make interdental brushing easier.
  7. Be persistent. It takes practice to get comfortable with using interdental brushes (as with anything new), sometimes it’s annoying when they bend and you need to use a new one. But believe us, it’s going to get easier with practice! It should soon become part of your regular cleaning routine and you will see really positive results.
  8. Whilst it’s important to understand how to use your Tepe interdental brush, you should also remember that it’s also important to replace the brush as soon as the wire brush becomes misshapen.
  9. When you first start using interdental brushes, your gums may be tender and bleed a little. Carry on using the brushes, and the bleeding should reduce as your gums become healthier.  If you’re still getting bleeding after a few days do seek advice from your hygienists Sarah and Vicky who can check if you’re using the interdental brushes correctly.
  10. If you use an interdental brush to clean in between your teeth once a day in the evening, you’ll soon have a healthy mouth, fresh breath and a beautiful smile.

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