Will People Know If I Have a Prosthetic Tooth or Dental Implant Fitted?

Tooth loss can happen at any age, despite the belief that it only affects the older generations. Having a prosthetic tooth or dental implant fitted can cause people to feel self-aware and knock their confidence due to the worry that other people will be able to tell or notice, but this is no longer the case.

Tooth loss is now quite common in people of all ages, from teenagers to elderly adults, for a number of different reasons. It might not always be the result of poor dental health- perhaps due to a sporting injury or accident. 

With today’s technology and dental procedures, a prosthetic tooth or dental implant can look almost identical to your natural teeth, but this doesn’t always mean that your confidence isn’t affected in some way. Being aware of the fact that people may be able to notice a difference in your smile can cause some reservations when it comes to having the procedures done, but thanks to advances in medical technology, this is unlikely to be the case. 

Will Having a Prosthetic Tooth or Dental Implants Fitted Change my Appearance? 

The loss of a tooth, or multiple teeth, can have some effect on the way that you chew food, smile and bite. As your teeth provide structure and support for your cheeks and lips, tooth loss can result in some sagging of your cheeks and lower facial features. However, having a prosthetic tooth or dental implant can help with these issues as, depending on how many teeth you need to have replaced, your face will fill out slightly and your ability to chew food, bite and smile confidently will return. 

The good news for those who have a prosthetic tooth or dental implant fitted is that overall, there is generally a positive change or improvement in your appearance. Here at Dental Solutions, we have a few different options available when it comes to dental implants and our team can help you to decide which is the right one for you during your initial consultation. 

What Does It Feel Like to Have a Prosthetic Tooth or Dental Implants Fitted?

When people have a prosthetic tooth or dental implants fitted, they are often worried about the way they feel in their mouths and whether the implant or tooth will cause some tell-tale signs that they have an implant fitted. Things such as whistling from gaps around the implant or developing a lisp are worries for a lot of dental patients, however, this is all down to the way in which the implant or prosthetic tooth is fitted.

A prosthetic tooth or dental implant should not feel like a foreign object in your mouth. This is very important and comes down to the way they were made and/or fitted. The plates which hold a prosthetic tooth should be moulded to match the shape of your jaw, mouth and gum line perfectly. There should be no gaps and it shouldn’t feel uncomfortably tight. It can take a bit of adjustment to get used to having a prosthetic tooth or dental implant, but as they are designed to be a replacement for your natural teeth, so they shouldn’t make things such as eating and talking difficult or uncomfortable. 

Will People Know That I Am Wearing a Prosthetic Tooth or Dental Implant? 

The main challenge when it comes to having a prosthetic tooth or dental implant is the worry that people will know that you have had these procedures done, either when you’re talking, smiling or eating. Thanks to the advances in technology and modern dentistry, this should no longer be an issue. We accurately colour match the new tooth to their surrounding teeth and ensure that their size and gum line is maintained. However, proper care and maintenance will help keep the overall appearance of your new teeth looking more natural and blend in with your original teeth. 

There are some ways that people may be able to tell that you have had dental implants or a prosthetic tooth fitted, but they are very slight and are usually only for the period where you are still getting used to them or are noticeable to those closest to you. For example, your choice of foods may be a clue, as you are less likely to bite and tear tough food if you have recently had a dental implant and are advised to eat softer foods for the first week or so, but again, this will only be noticeable to your closest friends and family. If you have been living with a gap in your smile for some time before visiting us for an implant, you may feel that you speak differently for a while. However this issue quickly dissipates with time. 

In conclusion, there is no single way that people will know if you have a dental implant or prosthetic tooth, given that it is well fitted and matches your existing teeth. Our expert team at Dental Solutions will ensure that your choice of dental implant or prosthetics are perfectly matched to you and the outcome you want to achieve. We have a dedicated implant suite at our clinic and run regular Implant Open Days, so that you can come in, meet Gavin Laidlaw Principal Dentist and Partner and his team and ask any questions you may have before any procedure, as well as a free 30-minute consultation. For more information, you can read about our next Implant Open Day here, or contact us today.


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