X-Guide: A New Way Of Performing Dental Implant Surgery

At Dental Solutions we’re proud to announce our implant surgeon, Richard Brookshaw, now has an amazing new machine for placing implants. This revolutionary machine is one of the only in the country. The X-Guide allows for computer guided dental implants, changing the way dental implant surgery is carried out. See below more information on why the X-Guide is improving dental implants as we know it:

What Is The X-Guide?

Technology is constantly growing and adapting, paving the way for innovative ways for surgeons to treat patients. The X-Guide machine allows a dentist to collect and consolidate diagnostic data, enabling them to take dental implant surgery to the next level.

Essentially, this computer assisted way of dental implant surgery will permit dentists to perform targeted, intricate treatment. All without the need for surgical templates. They will be guided on where to place the implant, with the ability to control the drill even when it’s out of sight. Overall, the X-Guide offers an enhanced way for the dentist to perform surgery. Providing excellent results for every patient undergoing dental implant surgery.

How Will It Change Dental Implant Surgery?

Those looking to get dental implants may be looking for a fast fix to stop painful tooth problems; such as a chipped tooth or missing tooth. Fortunately, this way of performing surgery will mean surgeons can complete emergency surgery or same-day diagnostic and treatment sessions for patients. Minimising the wait time will allow treatment to take place quickly, improving the patient’s overall experience and optimising results.


X-files machine used on patient for dental implant surgery

Tomorrow’s world- live guiding by Richard Brookshaw of patient implant placement using sensors and the 3D ct scan.


There are many benefits of X-Guide treatment that has made the technology greatly sought-after in the dental field.

The Benefits Of X-Guide Treatment include:

  •         Dentists can perform guided surgery for more patients without the need for a surgical template
  •         The surgery is hand-free with a real-time 3D guidance of the drill
  •         Every movement of the handpiece can be seen no matter where it is, for a more exact implant placement
  •         Dentists can always see their plan and keep control during treatment
  •         The dentist’s plan can be altered during surgery
  •         Shorter time-to-teeth

The X-Guide At Dental Solutions

Having an X-Guide machine here at Dental Solutions will allow us to give a higher quality of treatments to our patients. As it’s one of the only machine’s available in the country, we feel we’re one step ahead of the curve when it comes to dental implant surgery.

Richard and his new X-Guide machine are ready to give you the perfect smile you’ve been waiting for! So, if you’re interested in getting dental implants then please get in touch for a completely free initial consultation with our friendly team. Simply contact us on 01925 756565 or fill out our easy contact form to book an appointment today.


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