Yvonne’s Story – All on Four Implants

yvonne-all-on-4-dental-implantsI was going through a really stressful time in my life and I discovered that as a result I was grinding my teeth, a really common symptom  of stress.  However this grinding was actually causing me to lose my teeth one by one – I was horrified – I’d always had good teeth all my life and I felt that I had really looked after them. I was so embarrassed about smiling, especially the gap between my front teeth so I just stopped which I suppose made me feel even worse.

All on Four implants seemed to be a good solution and so I started to research the procedure in a great deal of detail. I looked at treatments locally to where I live in Blackpool, in London and even in Turkey. Most of the research was done on the internet, I even joined a few web forums to talk to fellow patients to understand what the treatment was like.

Then I came across the Dental Solutions in Lymm website in my research and liked the level of detailed information about the treatment which was written in easy to understand language – no jargon- and I had come across a fair bit! I also liked the testimonials from people who had had implants done – it gave me a good feeling that Dental Solutions would be able to help me so I plucked up the courage and e mailed them.

I soon got a call from the treatment facilitator and we had a chat about what I was looking for. She was incredibly helpful and understanding – by the end I felt as though I’d known her for years.  She suggested that I come into the practice to meet Gavin for an initial consultation.

After the first meeting, I knew that Gavin and the team were right for me. The practice was lovely, as were all the team who were very smiley and welcoming. I decided to proceed with the all on four implants treatment.

The All on Four procedure itself was a lot less scary than I thought it would be – the plan for my treatment was thoroughly explained to me in great detail. I was in no pain on the day itself although there was some discomfort in the days afterwards which I took some mild painkillers for. My son’s car broke down and was unable to bring me home on the day of the operation so Gavin organised for a taxi to take me home to Blackpool – it felt like nothing was too much trouble.

As my new teeth were being created Gavin spent a lot of time getting them right – I never felt rushed at any time- he’s a complete perfectionist and I really felt like he and the team wanted the very best for me and the quality of treatment and materials used I felt were first class.

So 10 months later and the treatment is complete. I have to say I am so much happier in myself, have got my confidence back and I am smiling once again. I have a small grandson who I love to laugh and play with. My job is as a national facilities manager in the NHS which involves an awful lot of time driving round the country meeting people and delivering presentations to them. I can now do this without a second thought to hiding my smile which is really all I ever wanted to achieve.


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