Zoe’s Story – Dental Implant

Zoe Dental ImplantsI had a baby tooth that had no adult tooth underneath it to replace it.

Sophie Parker my dentist had kept looking after the tooth for as long as possible but it had got to the stage where the tooth was beginning to fail and action was needed. Sophie explained the different options in great detail to me- either leave a gap in my mouth where the tooth had been, place a bridge where effectively a false tooth would be secured by its two neighbours, or consider the optimum but more expensive solution which was to replace the tooth with a permanent dental implant. At no point did I feel rushed into making a decision but the dental implant option felt best for me.

So I then took the time to research implants and investigate other dental implant providers and their costs. I am so glad that I chose Richard Brookshaw at Dental Solutions to perform my implant –  when all is said and done I knew from my research that I was entering into a complicated intricate surgical process. And it was important to me that I could trust and feel comfortable with that person, besides the wealth of experience that he has in placing implants.

The process itself went much quicker than I expected. The tooth was removed and replaced immediately by an implant, and apart from a little soreness immediately afterwards I felt no pain- all done and dusted in just over 30 minutes! The implant is now absolutely fine and apart from a hygienist visit every three months (I have a very sweet tooth!) it’s care is not really much different from the rest of my teeth.

I’m delighted with the result, my implant tooth looks and feels completely normal and my smile has stayed exactly the same!


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