It’s fair to say that none of us go through life with a complete set of teeth. During our lifetimes, we’re likely to lose teeth from decay, gum disease or some form of trauma. Losing teeth can make you feel conscious about your appearance and it can also lead to irregular biting habits. Considering the possible solutions to these types of problems, many patients tend to question the following – “are dental implants safe as a long term solution?”

A dental implant is essentially an artificial tooth that replaces your natural tooth, fixing it using a titanium root in the gum. Here are some reasons why dental implants can be your safe, long term solution to missing teeth.

How are dental implants a safe long term solution?

They are an adequate long-term solution

Dental implants are considered a secure, fixated long term solution for your missing teeth problems. Unlike dentures that have the ability to slip from your teeth, implants are fitted to your jawbone, making them a permanent fixture in your mouth. Around 2-3 months after they’ve been fitted they would have completely healed in your mouth. 

They protect the surrounding teeth

One of the biggest benefits that come from having dental implants is their ability to protect the surrounding teeth around your missing tooth. As the implants replace the structure of the jaw bone, it helps to support the single tooth and saves the surrounding jaw structure from compensating for the gap. This can ensure normal functionality and save the appearance of your natural teeth being risked.

They’re more durable

Dental implants are made from durable materials that are non-corrosive. This means with the right care and maintenance, your implants can be much longer lasting than your alternative teeth restoration treatments. 

They improve your facial and bone features

Dental implants help to preserve your bone and reduce the chances of deterioration that can lead to the loss of jawbone amount. They can also preserve your natural teeth tissue as in some cases, the need to reduce or shave the surrounding teeth to fit the implant isn’t required. Not only does this provide long-term health benefits but it can also improve your facial and bone features for the future.

Dental implants treatment at Dental Solutions

“Are dental implants still a safe, long-term solution for me?”. If you’re still asking yourself this question, here at Dental Solutions we always put our patients first and make sure you’re provided with the best possible solutions for your dental problems. We offer a range of dental implant treatments including individual implants, All on Four, All on Four zygomatic implants,  and denture implants.

Contact us today to arrange a free consultation and our friendly, well-qualified dental team will be happy to assess your oral health and determine what is the best option for you. 

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What are Tepe or Interdental brushes? 

Interdental brushes help to prevent gum disease by getting rid of pieces of food and plaque from between your teeth.

They have small bristled heads designed to clean between your teeth, and they come in different widths to suit the sizes of the gaps.

Our hygienist team Sarah Towns and Victoria Middleton recommend using interdental brushes as a superior alternative to dental floss; as studies suggest they can be more effective for plaque removal than flossing. Here they advise how to use Tepe interdental brushes to make sure they’re as effective as possible for you.

How to use Tepe Interdental Brushes to get them most of them:

  1. Make sure that you have the right size or coloured brush to effectively clean between the gaps- our hygienist team can prescribe the most appropriate brush or brushes for you as you may need more than one colour! The fit should be snug and be able to move comfortably in a forwards and backwards motion between your teeth. We also have a special multipack deal at Reception when you buy 5 packets of any colour to keep you topped up between visits.
  2. Another consideration on how to use Tepe interdental brushes is practicing in front of the mirror so you can see up close where to insert the brush. There’s a knack to using interdental brushes, but once you get the hang of it, it will become second nature, and we can show you how.
  3. Use your tepe brush before using a toothbrush to ensure that your each tooth’s surface area has the maximum exposure to the benefits of the toothpaste.
  4. Try to use a tepe every day with a gentle to and fro movement around each gap. We find that dipping the tepe in a little toothpaste can add to the overall effectiveness too!
  5. To improve the reach and access of the tepe brush, always attach the white extension to the brush provided in each packet, and bend the brush at right angles at its base.
  6. Don’t neglect your back teeth. Because the back teeth are a little harder to reach than the front, you may be tempted to not to clean them as thoroughly. Unfortunately, this is where the most food residue is, so not cleaning them properly can result in plaque build-up, bad breath and more serious oral health conditions like gum disease (gingivitis and periodontitis). So make sure you give your back teeth some extra special attention when brushing between them. With one hand holding the brush, gently pull your cheek back. To get even more access to the back teeth, close your mouth a little bit to soften your cheek. Hold the interdental brush between your thumb and index finger, and make sure to prop up with the middle finger to support your in and out movement. This will make interdental brushing easier.
  7. Be persistent. It takes practice to get comfortable with using interdental brushes (as with anything new), sometimes it’s annoying when they bend and you need to use a new one. But believe us, it’s going to get easier with practice! It should soon become part of your regular cleaning routine and you will see really positive results.
  8. Whilst it’s important to understand how to use your Tepe interdental brush, you should also remember that it’s also important to replace the brush as soon as the wire brush becomes misshapen.
  9. When you first start using interdental brushes, your gums may be tender and bleed a little. Carry on using the brushes, and the bleeding should reduce as your gums become healthier.  If you’re still getting bleeding after a few days do seek advice from your hygienists Sarah and Vicky who can check if you’re using the interdental brushes correctly.
  10. If you use an interdental brush to clean in between your teeth once a day in the evening, you’ll soon have a healthy mouth, fresh breath and a beautiful smile.

Hygienist Services at Dental Solutions

The aftercare of your oral health following your treatment is just as important as the treatment itself. This is why at Dental Solutions, we offer a range of hygienist services to ensure you can maintain a healthy mouth and be certain that your treatment is long-lasting. 

If you’re interested in any of the hygienist services that we offer here at Dental Solutions, please get in touch and we’ll be able to discuss your needs and provide the relevant solutions for you. We can also provide you with aftercare tips, just like we’ve on how to use Tepe interdental brushes above!

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We’re Still Open

by on 5th January 2021 | Posted in blog

An update from our Practice Principal Dentist, Gavin Laidlaw BDS. 

On behalf of all the team here at Dental Solutions I would like to wish you a Happy New Year, and sincerely hope that before not too long the restrictions and hardship caused by the pandemic will be behind us.

I wanted to let you know that despite the new Tier 5 restrictions we remain fully open for our patients, but continue to have the following strict controls in place for your and our safety:-

  • Safety instructions for your visit are issued via e mail and text prior to attending.
  • Our Reception team run through a rigorous health questionnaire with you including a temperature check and signed declaration when entering the practice.
  • There is regular Covid testing in place for our team.
  • Perspex safety screens located are at Reception.
  • Socially distanced seating is available in our waiting areas.
  • Full PPE is worn by the team when needed for your treatment.
  • Additional high speed air filtration machines is installed in all three surgeries.
  • Extra cleaning and surgery fallow time between AGP’s (aerosol generating procedures).

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us if you would like to book an appointment. You can also book a virtual consultation with us if you would prefer to meet one of our dentists via video link.

As you can probably imagine our Reception team is extremely busy handling the additional safety procedures that we have in place, so we may not always be able to answer your call straight away.

Please leave a message or e mail us and we will reply to you as quickly as possible.  

We look forward to welcoming you to our practice in 2021: behind our masks we are still the same friendly team.

Best wishes,

Gavin Laidlaw

Principal Dentist

Dental Solutions Lymm


[email protected]

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When it comes to orthodontic treatment, Invisalign is considered one of the most effective in cosmetic dentistry. These clear trays can help to straighten your teeth over a short period of time and are convenient for removing when you need to brush, floss, eat and drink.

Whilst there are many benefits to having Invisalign, there can also be some drawbacks to the treatment too. This is because some patients get out of the habit of wearing their aligners enough or for the recommended time. This is why it’s crucial that you wear your aligners for the recommended 22 hours in every 24. Even not wearing your Invisalign for a day can have a big impact.

Here are some disadvantages and problems that can occur if you don’t wear your Invisalign for the recommended time. 

Effects of not wearing Invisalign for a day

Your teeth will move

Making good progress with your teeth will go to waste if you leave your Invisalign out for too long. This is because the teeth can easily move back into their old position, undoing all the hard work you’ve done so far. 

Invisalign is extremely effective in shifting your teeth relatively quickly when the right amount of pressure is applied. Similarly, if there isn’t enough pressure on the teeth it can have the opposite effect. There are flexible ligaments around your teeth connecting to your jawbone that allows for this slight movement. Applying pressure to the ligaments can create movement and gradually shift your teeth which is why it’s crucial you stay consistent with wearing your aligners

Your treatment will take longer

The results and completion of your treatment are based on wearing your Invisalign for the recommended periods throughout the day. So, if you don’t do this then it’s inevitable that your treatment will take longer and you won’t achieve the results within the recommended time. 

You may have to go back to previous aligners

Another possible drawback for not wearing Invisalign treatment for a day consistently is that you may have to go back to an older set of aligners. What’s more, the earlier aligners may no longer fit. If that’s the case, a new set of aligners may have to be made, halting the overall progress of your treatment.

Your current aligners may not fit

Your teeth can move in even a few hours which is why not wearing Invisalign for a day can have such an impact on your overall results. Specifically, if they’re left out for too long they may not fit again when you attempt to put them back in.

Final thoughts

Being consistent and adhering to the guidelines from your dentist for your treatment can be the key to getting the results that you want for your dental treatment. If you’re considering Invisalign treatment, be sure to stick to the guidelines so you can be reassured that you’ll get the results that you want in the shortest possible time. If you’re considering Invisalign treatment, please contact us today to find out whether you could be a suitable candidate for the treatment. Our Invisalign treatment Facilitator Lisa will organise a free initial consultation with one of our Invisalign doctors Amy or Lauren.

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Christmas Opening Times at Dental Solutions 


We wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from all the team at Dental Solutions in Lymm.  We close on Thursday 24th December at 12.00pm and re-open for normal surgeries on Monday 4th Jan 2021 at 9am. If needed, we will run emergency clinics on Tuesday 29th December (12pm – 3pm) and Wednesday 30th December (12pm – 3pm).

Call 01925 756565 to Book Your Space

Book your appointments now in order to avoid disappointment!

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Dental implants are an effective treatment to replace missing teeth that’s been used for over 40 years in dentistry. The treatment provides many benefits, based upon the science on how dental implants work in the mouth to restore your smile. They are the only treatment that requires a biological connection with the jawbone in the mouth, effectively acting as another tooth. 

Because of this, dental implants are considered as one of the most effective long term solutions to artificial teeth retention and restoration of the your smile. Here, we look into how dental implants work for you in more detail so you can become more familiar with the treatment and determine whether it could be the right for you.

How dental implants work: Maintaining bone structure

One of the main benefits of dental implants is their ability to maintain long term bone structure. Dental implants are directly fitted to the bone via the process of Osseointegration, which is the term used to describe the bone cells migrating along the titanium implant to secure firmly into place.

The risk with not treating missing teeth is that the bone structure can waste away over time if it’s not used. Dental implants can help to restore your missing teeth with the use of the titanium rod, improving the functionality and activity in the process too. 

Providing support for the artificial teeth

Dental implants involve the process of restoring your smile with artificial teeth that match the surrounding teeth with the same shape and colour. However it’s important that these artificial teeth can remain in place and function just like you normal teeth could, and this can be achieved by the support of the dental implants. Implants have the ability to withstand large pressure similar to that of normal functioning teeth.

Dental implants can be provided in three ways; via a crown, bridge or denture and for each restoration, the implant is placed into the jawbone acting as a root before the crown is then secured onto the implant.

Placing the dental implant

If you’re considered a good candidate for the procedure and are a healthy patient, we can put the measures in place to start your dental implant treatment straight away. We will perform a CT scan prior to treatment to ensure that you have enough bone to successfully place an implant. Generally, from start to finish, an implant can take anywhere from 4-12 months with full healing. 

The three phases to fitting the dental implant involves the following:

  • Placing the implant: initially, the beginning of the procedure focuses on placing the implant on the jaw. It’s covered over with gum tissue before the process of Osseointegration which can take around 3-6 months to complete.
  • Attaching the post: the post is the attachment placed on the implant before allowing the gum tissue to grow around it. The purpose of this is to ensure that the replacement tooth remains in place. But don’t worry, we can ensure that your smile is without gaps while all the healing takes place.
  • Attaching the crown: once it’s deemed suitable to do so, the crown (the artificial tooth) is then attached to the implant post.

Are dental implants right for me? 

If you suffer from missing teeth and are looking to restore your smile once again, dental implants could be an option for you. In order to discover whether you’re a suitable candidate for the treatment, contact us today to book a free initial consultation with Gavin Laidlaw, our Principal Dentist and discover whether dental implants are the ideal option for you. You are under no obligation to proceed with treatment, and our team will provide you with a costed treatment plan to consider at your leisure.

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Steve’s Story – Dental Implants

by on 15th December 2020 | Posted in blog

After having a tooth extraction at my usual NHS practice in Warrington, the plate that was replacing the missing tooth was rubbing my gum and was quite uncomfortable. The thought of wearing a denture was not an option to me and I wanted to look at a dental implant as an alternative to fill the gap left by the extraction. My smile is very important to me and moving forwards I want to invest in the very best dental care.

In addition to my usual dentist recommending somewhere, I also searched around the internet for possible implant places in Warrington, which was how I came across Dental Solutions. It was reading their patient testimonials and seeing that they had an open day coming up made me pick up the phone and call them. 

Meeting Gavin and Nicky for the first time, I instantly felt very relaxed and comfortable. It was easy to get there and there was free parking just outside the door. Gavin and Nicky listened to me and fully explained the implant process and what I was likely to expect. I decided that Dental Solutions were a better option for me than the other implant dentist I had seen and so decided to go ahead.

On the day of the implant procedure itself with Richard Brookshaw I was a little bit worried, but nothing too bad- it’s obviously the ‘not knowing’ that makes you anxious. But these guys do implants all the time, yet they still understand that it is a big deal for their patients, so I still felt cared for as an individual . 

The treatment itself on the day was absolutely fine and I followed all the post treatment instructions to the letter, and just controlled the discomfort afterwards with some paracetamol.

I can definitely recommend the whole team at Dental Solutions and if I needed more implants in the future, I wouldn’t hesitate to have another one there. 

If you’re considering dental implants for your treatment, feel free to get in touch with us today to book an appointment.

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It’s fair to say that today’s population strives for the perfect smile with cosmetic dental treatments becoming increasingly popular for patients. Of the various cosmetic treatments available, teeth whitening continues to be the most popular treatment in cosmetic dentistry. This is because it’s considered a fast, affordable and quick way to get the healthy looking smile you’re looking for.

There are many teeth whitening treatment options that you can choose from that can be performed at home or in practice. However, the most advanced premium treatment currently available that really stands out is the Enlighten teeth whitening system. It’s a 2 week treatment that provides extremely positive results.

One of the most common questions that Enlighten patients tend to ask refers to what they should expect from their enlighten teeth whitening results. We provide an overview here of what can be expected and how you can feel comfortable that you’ve got the right results from your treatment.

How does Enlighten teeth whitening work?

There are essentially 4 steps for the process to achieve the Enlighten teeth whitening results that you want. The steps go as follows:

– Step 1: After a thorough check up to ensure that your teeth are dentally fit for whitening, the first step of your treatment is for your dentist to take impressions of your teeth in order to make the custom moulds for your mouth. They’ll be created just for you in the Enlighten laboratory which can take a couple of weeks to create. Once they’re available you can collect them from the practice where we will also guide you on how to use your home treatment kit.

– Step 2: The home whitening kit will require you to fill your moulds with the provided Enlighten whitening gel. These are to be worn overnight for two weeks but after the first week, you’ll expect to switch to the stronger gel to provide the top whitening results. If you feel some form of sensitivity, the Enlighten kit also comes with anti-sensitivity gel.

– Step 3: Once you’ve completed your home kit course, you’ll finish off with a visit back to the practice for a whitening session performed by your dentist. Very occasionally, and only if needed, our dentist may recommend another two weeks of at home treatment prior to this in-practice whitening session at no further cost.

– Step 4: Then, you’ll be left to continue brightening your smile at home. All you’ll need to do is wear the trays for one night every other month. Enlighten also provides a tooth serum that can be used whilst brushing your teeth. 

What should I expect from your enlighten teeth whitening results?

B1 shade guaranteed for 98% of cases

Enlighten teeth whitening treatment is considered one of the most effective advanced teeth whitening systems available. There’s a B1 guarantee for your results which has been evident in 98% of cases. Shade B1 is the whitest naturally occurring shade currently available in the market.

Your results can last forever

Once you’ve gone through the treatment, your Enlighten teeth whitening results can be maintained for a lifetime. You’ll be provided guidance on this after you’ve completed your course as it simply requires you to maintain a top-up regime every so often.

Your shade of teeth can be controlled if you wish

It’s understandable that not all patients want to have completely the same shade of whitening for their teeth. Although the treatment can guarantee B1 results, you can do the treatment up until the shade that you’re happy with. It’s just worth noting that your teeth can dehydrate during the treatment which can make them look whiter than normal, until they’ve rehydrated again.

Enlighten teeth whitening treatment at Dental Solutions

If you’re considering teeth whitening treatment and think Enlighten is right for you, we can offer it here at Dental Solutions. The treatment is now £595 which currently includes a 40 minute pre whitening hygiene treatment. Our dentists will take you through the relevant steps to start your treatment once we’ve had a consultation with you. Get in touch today to start your teeth whitening experience. 

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Nicola’s Story – Invisalign

by on 13th December 2020 | Posted in blog

I’d originally had a chat with my usual dentist in Stockton Heath about my smile, as I’d noticed on my Facebook photos that my teeth had moved and were no longer as straight as they used to be. Unfortunately, he was unable to do Invisalign and so suggested that I looked at another place in Warrington. As I lived in Lymm I decided to see if Dental Solutions could help me first instead – I knew they had a good reputation and I’d often wondered about them when I walked past their surgery in the village.

One free consultation and my decision was made! From the Reception team who always greet you with a smile, to Lauren the dentist and Lisa her nurse, they are all lovely – nothing is too much trouble, and they want to know if you are having problems or difficulties. They go out of their way to help if they can.

Originally my Invisalign treatment was due to last for 6 months, however Covid got in the way of finishing my treatment on time. The girls were amazing during lockdown, helping me all they could remotely and advising me what to whilst they were unable to see me and fit new aligners. 

I have to say that now my treatment is finished and my complimentary whitening is complete, I am delighted with my smile and so glad I had it done. I’d definitely recommend Dental Solutions to anyone. Their complete professionalism and their genuine desire for you to leave at the end of treatment completely happy has been amazing.

Are you considering Invisalign treatment? Contact us to learn how you make an appointment with us today.

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