Danny’s Story – All on Four

screen-shot-2018-05-08-at-09-11-44In the past, I had always been an outgoing and easy going type of guy.

Then a couple of years ago I had an accident at work and knocked my two front teeth out.
Then the other surrounding teeth started to fail too which began to dramatically dent my confidence. I couldn’t talk to people and look at them properly as I felt that they were looking at my teeth. I stopped going out with friends. When I took my kids out for a treat I always stayed in the background while they had all the fun. My NHS dentist couldn’t really help me so I began to look around for alternatives.

I looked everywhere online- practices in Cheshire and Liverpool- even as far as Finland and Bulgaria. But I kept coming back to Gavin’s Dental Solutions website and the stories of patients who had had treatment and how it had changed them. After several months of research and delaying I finally summoned up the courage and phoned the Practice for a free consultation.

I was petrified when I first met Gavin, but I was made to feel normal and far from embarrassed. We talked about the All on Four treatment and how it could dramatically change my smile in just a day. The cost did make me hesitant- it was more than I could afford at the time. But Gavin, Nicky and Kath his nurse all helped me over the next few weeks – explaining the procedure, answering my questions and concerns- I just knew that they would look after me better than anyone else and it was worth the investment in me.  I decided to go ahead with the All on Four treatment and literally spent the next few months not going out and saving hard.

On the day itself , the whole team made the treatment easy from start to finish. In the treatment suite, there was a team of four people looking after me including an anaesthetist. I felt absolutely no pain or anxiety and drifted in and out while they worked away. After a short time in their recovery lounge I went upstairs to Gavin’s room to be fitted for my new teeth. I will remember that first time I saw them for the rest of my life- they were perfect.  Nicky passed me the mirror and all I could say was WOW! They were amazing – and so natural in my mouth – and the team were genuinely as pleased with the result as I was. I couldn’t wait to go home and show my family.

This treatment has changed my life so dramatically in the best possible way. Every person that I meet says that my teeth look amazing, I have so much more confidence and I have started to socialise once again. I also feel so much happier inside. I can talk to people again without feeling that they are looking at my teeth for the wrong reasons! I can’t thank the team at Dental Solutions enough for what they have done for me. It has been worth every penny and I am looking forward to enjoying my new smile for the rest of my life.



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