Case 1

It was a photograph taken skiing a year ago that was the catalyst for Kayley. A perfect alpine view from the top of a mountain was all around her but all she could see on the photo were the shadows around her smile which were created by her crooked teeth. Her wisdom teeth had caused her front teeth to move and cross with other teeth.

So after searching on the internet Kayley came to see Sophie Parker for a free consultation. They talked through various the teeth straightening options available and decided that Fastbraces® were the best solution.

Kayley works in close protection of Diplomats in Kabul, Afganistan so Sophie worked around her oversees tours of duty for her Fastbraces® adjustments. And so now a year later she has a perfect smile.

She told us ‘ I was impressed by the communication and professionalism of the whole team at Dental Solutions, I felt that I was in safe hands throughout. My teeth felt amazing when they were first de- bonded, exactly how I envisaged they would look. My crooked teeth before were always at the back of my mind when I was in social situations, but my new smile means I can forget all about it and just smile. It has definitely given me greater confidence and I am really happy with the result.’

Case 2

We used the 6 month smiles orthodontic system on this patient’s upper teeth, some white fillings on her lower teeth, together with some tooth whitening has transformed this lady’s smile in just 7 months.

Case 3

This patient wanted her upper front teeth straightening which we achieved in 6 months using the 6 month smile orthodontic system.

Case 4

6 month smiles was used on the upper and lower arches to great effect in just 9 months to create this stunning smile.

Case 5

This patient transformed her smile in just 6 months with our 6 month smile orthodontic system. Her happy beaming smile says everything about the results.

Case 6

This patient achieved dramatic results with 6 month smiles orthodontic treatment on her lower and upper teeth. Taking just 6 months, the patient was thrilled with her transformation, and now just can’t stop smiling.

Case 7

This lovely young girl had her teeth straightened using fixed brackets. she is a talented flute player and we worked with her to make sure she could carry on playing.

Case 8

This patient was unhappy with her crooked teeth. She required just over 3 months of six months smile orthodontic treatment and was very happy with the results.

Case 9

This patient was unhappy with her crooked upper and lower teeth. She had also chipped her front tooth. After just 5 months of six month smile orthodontic treatment, and a white filling repair to her front tooth she was extremely happy with her new smile.

Case 10

This lady’s front teeth tipped backwards (see side view) which were causing the teeth either side to rotate out of position. Using 6MS orthodontics we were able to straighten her teeth in just 4 months! She was very pleased with her new straight teeth.

Case 11

This patient has achieved a great result following fixed braces for 18 months.

Case 12

This young man came to see Badri complaining of his protruding front teeth. After a combination of fixed and removable braces and without any need for extractions, 22 months later this patient was amazed at his new smile.

Case 13

This 36 year old lady came to Badri wanting to straighten her irregular front teeth. She had Damon fixed braces in upper and lower front teeth for 18 months followed by fixed type of retainer to hold her teeth in the right place. An amazing transformation which delighted the lady.

Case 14

This young lady was very unhappy with the appearance of her teeth, especially what she called her fangs at the front. After 20 months of treatment, the result was a delighted patient who couldn’t stop smiling at the dramatic transformation.


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