Case 1

This is Katie, who won our smile 2011 competition. Her transformation is now complete, following a year of hygiene visits, multiple fillings, 2 root canal treatments, a 6 month smiles orthodontic treatment to straighten her upper teeth, together with 4 crowns on her front teeth. Finally the treatment was completed with a tooth whitening treatment to enhance her fabulous new smile. We think that she looks amazing – she tells us that she can’t believe we made her teeth look so good.

Case 2

Steve came to meet Gavin for his free consultation, worried about the ageing, yellowing and general poor state of his upper teeth. Steve’s job involves meeting the general public so smiling and laughing with confidence had become a real issue to him. He had done quite a bit of research on dental practices but lives in the South of France so he actually flew in to see us. Within a month the team had totally transformed his smile with a combination of new crowns and veneers.

Steve’s reaction after the treatment was complete?

‘An amazing transformation! The treatment was relatively painless, and well worth all the effort of flying in from France. The communication, professionalism and courtesy shown throughout was excellent and I can only say that Gavin and his team are first class.’

Case 3

This case had a lovely result, with the use of crowns veneers and time spent with the hygienist, this lovely lady had her smile for her friends wedding.

Case 4

This lady came to our Practice unhappy with the gaps between her teeth, in addition to their shape and colour. She wanted a quick solution. After visits to our hygienist and the crowning of a few of her teeth we achieved a lovely result for this patient, who was delighted with her transformation.

Case 5

This lady came to us because she was unhappy with her teeth. We whitened her lower teeth and placed crowns and bridges on her top teeth- the result was a very happy patient.

Case 6

This patient was keen to improve his appearence , and by using the thinnest veneers and some small white fillings we achieved this great smile.

Case 7

This lady had a rather unattractive bridge and fillings, after we remade her bridgework and fillings she was made up.

Case 8

This gentleman was concerned with the wear and discolouration of his teeth as well as the gap at the front. We improved this greatly for him using crowns and bridges.

Case 9

This patient was concerned that he didnt show any teeth when he smiled, by adding some veneers at the front we managed to create a more pleasing result. He loves his new smile now.

Case 10

Congratulations to Joanne Harris, the deserving winner of our £5,000 Smile 2010 competition.

Case 11

This lady did not like the appearance of her old black fillings so we replaced them with white ones. She was very pleased with the outcome as the fillings are no longer visible.

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