Case 1

This patient really hated the gap in his teeth, but he didn’t want to wear braces to close the space between them. Instead we achieved a dramatic yet natural result for him with veneers in just 2 weeks which he was delighted with.

Case 2

This lovely young lady wasn’t happy with the appearance of her small front teeth. We made two veneers for her and two weeks later she had a beautiful new smile.

Case 3

This lovely lady didn’t want to wait around for the results of braces, so we dramatically changed her smile in just 3 weeks using veneers on her front teeth. Before we started we had an accurate picture of how things were going to look by working with our technician and fabricating the teeth on a wax model first. Result was this lovely smile.

Case 4

This nice patient had worn front teeth and struggled to eat sandwiches especially. We made him four veneers which lengthened his teeth, and restored his natural curve to his smile. He can now eat and smile.

Case 5

This patient was concerned that he didnt show any teeth when he smiled, by adding some veneers at the front we managed to create a more pleasing result. He loves his new smile now.

Case 6

This young lady had two veneers placed on her small front teeth. This involved little or no preparation of the teeth. The result is very natural and she was very happy.

Case 7

This patient was keen to improve his appearance, and by using the thinnest veneers and some small white fillings we achieved this great smile.

Case 8

This lady had always been embarrassed about her front teeth and covered her mouth with her hand when she smiled. We placed 6 thin veneers on her top front teeth, resulting in a very happy patient and an amazing transformation.

Case 9

This gentleman had slightly discoloured teeth and they were crooked as well. In two weeks we transformed his smile by using tooth whitening and some new veneers.

Case 10

This patient was concerned about his stained and worn teeth, with the help of some veneers we made him very happy.

Case 11

This nice lady was very unhappy with the gap between the two front teeth and the staining on her old veneer. By cleverly designing the new veneers we managed to get a great result without needing to use braces. Result – Happy Patient!

Case 12

This nice lady had a wonky smile line, and had lost two teeth as well. We placed two implants and with a combination of veneers and crowns to create a more harmonious smile.

Case 13

Nice veneer case to close gaps and improve colour.

Case 14

This lady came to us because she was unhappy with her teeth. We whitened her lower teeth and placed crowns and bridges on her top teeth- the result was a very happy patient.

Case 15

We fitted 3 veneers for this lovely lady and the result was a much improved and natural smile. She was delighted with the change to her smile and commented:

‘My veneers match perfectly and I feel twenty years younger. I travel 70 miles each time to see Gavin and his team since I moved out of the area, I just couldn’t find another dentist who cared as much as Gavin.’

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