7th May 2021

Invisalign For Gaps – Is This The Correct Option To Choose?

Gapped teeth can be a common issue for patients and if it’s not treated promptly, it can create long term pockets between your teeth. This can cause food to get stuck between your teeth more easily and increase the chances of gum disease.

Thankfully, there are several dental options available to restore your teeth, including Invisalign for gaps. They can be an effective solution compared to traditional metal braces and treatment can be easy and straightforward for you.

Before you consider booking a consultation at Dental Solutions for your Invisalign treatment, let’s take a look at why Invisalign for gaps could be the correct solution for you.

What are the common causes of gaps in teeth?

There can be a variety of reasons why you may form gaps in your teeth. For some patients, it can be related to the size of their jawbone and subsequent size of their teeth. If your teeth are too small for the jawbone, it can cause gaps to form between your teeth as they’re not large enough to cover the spaces. This is determined by inheritance, so if you find this a common feature with your parents or other family members you could find that you have a similar problem early on.

Gum disease can be another reason for gaps forming in the teeth because the gums can become swollen and damage the supporting tissue around the teeth, causing gaps or even eventual teeth loss.

On other occasions, it can simply be bad habits in your lifestyle that can cause them. For example, younger children who engage in regular thumb sucking can put excessive pressure on their front teeth which can gradually pull them forward unnaturally. For older children, it can be down to improper swallowing reflexes, where the tongue causes the teeth to push forward rather than staying at the roof of the mouth as food is swallowed.

How can a dentist fix gaps in the teeth?

There are a range of treatment options available to fix gaps in your teeth. The treatment that’s best for you will be determined by the size of your gaps and what the initial cause of it has been. The following options are available for you:

– Invisalign : Clear aligners are used to help close small gaps between your teeth

– Veneers or bonding : This is suitable if there have been cracks found in the teeth

– Quick straight teeth : An ultra-fast treatment to align teeth

Is it possible to have Invisalign for gaps?

If you have small gaps in between your teeth, Invisalign can certainly be an option for you. At your initial consultation, we’ll be able to examine your teeth and determine which Invisalign treatment would be most suitable for you. There are several benefits to having Invisalign for gaps:

1. Enhance self-confidence: Closing the gaps between your teeth can restore your perfect smile and enhance your self-confidence. It’ll allow you to smile more when you meet people and even when having your picture taken.

2. Improve overall dental hygiene – With less gaps in your teeth, it can prevent food particles from getting stuck in between them and prevent plaque from forming. Any history of gum disease that you may have must be first be resolved prior to moving your teeth.

3. Treatment is personalised – Opting for Invisalign for gaps means your treatment will be completely bespoke and suited to your teeth. The use of 3D scanners helps us to create custom Invisalign aligners that can fit your teeth perfectly.

4. Discreet look – Clear aligners look practically invisible when you wear them. This is the complete opposite when having more traditional braces which are visible when you smile. So, you won’t feel embarrassed every time you open your teeth.

Contact us today for your Invisalign treatment

To find out more information about Invisalign for gaps and how it can benefit you, contact us today to arrange your consultation. You’ll be able to learn more about the treatment and discover what the best option is for you. If you’re happy, we can then work through a treatment plan and begin the process to gain your perfect smile.

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