Jean and Ken’s Story – Dental Implants


I was first recommended to Dental Solutions by the insurance company after a bad coach accident damaged my teeth on holiday in Tenerife back in 2004. The team at the practice were absolutely brilliant at restoring the extensive damage caused by the accident and helping me to smile again.


As a result of the way that Jean had been cared for, when a crown kept breaking, which then led to the breakdown of the tooth altogether, Dental Solutions was the first port of call for me when I needed an implant. 

Now retired, I have had a long career as a highly decorated chef, and I still keep in touch with the industry, so it’s important to keep my smile in good shape, without any dreaded gaps. Both Jean and I are very active fundraisers within Lions Clubs International and still love to travel, and we both feel that a nice smile is important when meeting new people.

Gavin fitted a temporary bridge to ensure that the missing tooth wasn’t noticeable while I had the necessary scans and impressions. This was to ensure that the implant could be secured with enough bone and that the implant looked as natural as possible in my mouth.

The implant process itself was painless on the day- just a little scratch with the needle, then I felt nothing more.

Now the implant is complete I would say it feels great, just marginally different to the other teeth in my mouth. I follow the care instructions that the team at Dental Solutions have given me which is a rigorous 2 minute job every morning with a tepe brush.

We can both highly recommend Dental Solutions for the first-rate care that they have given us over the years.

For more information on how we can help to restore your smile, with dental implants or any of our other cosmetic procedures, simply call now on 01925 756565. Our friendly reception team are waiting to help.


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