Karen’s Story – Nervous Patient

2018-08-karen-hampson-2-crop-tshirtMy teeth have always been very weak and I have had a number of them crowned over the years. Then about 5 years ago one of the roots in my front tooth cracked and according to my dentist at the time there was no means of saving it.

I had a huge hole in the front of my mouth and rather than do anything about it, I just learned how to smile without showing my teeth. Then another crown failed and so I tried a denture to fill the gap, but it just made me gag.

I knew I had to do something –  my son was getting married and I couldn’t face the thought that I couldn’t smile in his wedding photos.

I just had one huge problem….I hate the idea of going to the dentist… in fact, I’m petrified- I would rather give birth! It’s the smell, fear of what’s going to happen, the noise, my gag reflex, I bruise incredibly easily- there are so many reasons why I told myself I shouldn’t go.

Eventually, my friend Joy told me about Gavin – she’d been coming to Dental Solutions for years and I initially had 2 implants which fixed my problem gap.

Then after a while, another tooth began to fail while sucking on a sweet- and even more teeth were failing so I came to meet Nicky, Gavin and the team again to discuss All on Four treatment. I had also visited other practices and obtained quotes and they were able to match the price.

The All on Four surgery went so much better than I imagined in my head. I decided against sedation and instead listened to my iPod on full blast! Before I knew it 2 hours later I was in the recovery suite waiting for my temporary teeth to be made. Nicky has been amazing throughout and deserves special praise– she rang me all the time between appointments to check how I was and was there on the day itself making sure that I was OK.

I had some bruising for a week – however, I expected it and I ate my Christmas dinner a few days later without a second thought.

People say that I am a very bubbly person but when I lost my teeth I also lost my confidence. Now with my new teeth I’m back to the person I was before – I smile without thinking and I laugh a lot more.  I was even stopped by a lady who I knew in Tesco who wanted to compliment me on my smile.

I would always say to someone who is scared of going to a dentist that Dental Solutions will always find a solution to their problem.

Just take a deep breath, pick up the phone and go and see Gavin.


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