Liz’s Story – Smile Makeover

2018-08-liz-lyons-1My dentist of many years had retired and unfortunately it coincided with me needing some extensive dental work. I needed at least three implants and two crowns to replace a bridge and was very keen to have the work performed by a dedicated surgeon who places implants all the time. I researched and visited a couple of providers before deciding to visit Dental Solutions for a consultation.

I met Gavin and his team who were all lovely, but he also took me to meet Richard Brookshaw at the same time and view the implant suite. I was so impressed that he’d taken the time to chat to me and reassure me.  I felt that I had found the best people to look after me. I felt they were more interested in me as a patient than the £ signs.

On the day of the implant placement itself, I was in surgery for 2.5 hours which flew by.  Richard talked to me throughout the procedure about what he was doing, and I felt totally relaxed if a little nauseous towards the end. Richard spotted it immediately and checked I was OK before proceeding again. I was fitted with a temporary bridge, so I never had a gap in my mouth at any stage.

Surprisingly I felt really good the next day – so much so that I was back on the golf course – although perhaps it wasn’t the best thing to do!

My implant crowns were fitted with Gavin and I was delighted with the match against my own teeth. We then talked about my four crossed front teeth and how I’d been previously told by my old dentist that they couldn’t be straightened. Gavin sent me to Badri, their in-house consultant orthodontist who recommended a course of Invisalign which straightened them in just 4.5 months. I had some free whitening at the end of my treatment and now I have a lovely smile that I didn’t think was possible, I’m delighted.

Let’s be honest, no one likes coming to the dentist – I’m sure that we all breathe a sigh of relief when no work needs doing. That aside this is a fantastic dental practice that really looks after me. They take the time to explain everything, there are no nasty surprises and no pressure to do anything you don’t want or need.


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