Margaret’s Story – Smile Makeovers

margaret-chriscoli-_-millie-1I have always been petrified of the dentist.

My teeth have never been good – I never really looked after them when I was a teenager. Years ago a dentist extracted a load of them at the back of my mouth which meant as a result that I wore down the remaining teeth and they looked awful. As a result I never smiled- all the photos of me show me looking so serious.

I had been thinking for quite some time about getting my teeth fixed and had been asking around for dentist recommendations. It was a friend from yoga who’d had implants done with Gavin and suggested I came to see him for a consultation. I went on his website and had a look at the different patient stories, took a deep breath and decided to phone for an appointment.

I remember that I was very nervous when I first came to see Gavin – I needn’t have worried though – all the team were really warm and welcoming and Gavin carefully listened to what I wanted to achieve before he even looked inside my mouth. He gave me two different treatment options to consider which involved building up the worn down teeth and filling the gaps with crowns and dentures.

I can’t believe the difference now my treatment is finished- I’m so chuffed with the results, I feel so much happier in myself. My teeth look really natural and now I can smile again. In fact my daughters now tell me to stop smiling! I’m really making up for lost time – just wish I’d done it years ago!


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