Nervous Patient Approved

Do any of these sound familiar?

  • I had a bad experience at the dentist as a child
  • I don’t know what’s happening and feel out of control in the dentist’s chair
  • I hate the drill or have a phobia of needles
  • I’m afraid I might choke or be sick at the dentist
  • I hate the noises associated with a dental surgery
  • I’m scared that my treatment will hurt

As a result of any or all of these statements, you may have put off dental treatment in the past. Here at Dental Solutions, we can help you with all these barriers to treatment. Gavin Laidlaw treats very nervous patients every single day. Many previously nervous patients now actually look forward to their appointments.

In 2018, the Dental Solutions team also received a nomination for our superb treatment of nervous patients at the clinic. Our aim is to make every nervous patient feel at ease whenever they undergo treatment at our surgery. Which is why we love to receive patient feedback. We’re especially honoured to have received recognition for all of our hard work with our nomination for treatment of nervous patients.

Margaret and Gavin

‘We are thrilled to be selected as a finalist for this prestigious national award.

To be recognised by the dental industry for all our hard work converting nervous and phobic patients into happy and confident patients is a fantastic endorsement for all the team at Dental Solutions.’ 

Gavin Laidlaw, Principal Dentist

See what our nervous patients say:

nervous patient

“Having my smile makeover has to be the best decision I have ever done and my determination to fight my phobia has paid off. I am now more confident than I have ever been in life.”

You can read Mark’s full story here

“My life has changed completely now. I retired from my job a while ago as a drug and alcohol abuse counsellor. I am so much more confident now – I have lost two and a half stone through healthy eating and Slimming World. I am going out more socialising I am now considering doing some voluntary work with dementia patients. Thanks so much for everything guys – you are my angels in Warrington.”

You can read Tricia’s full story here!

These are just a few comments we have received from our patients.

Why choose Dental Solutions?

We understand that for some people, going to the dentist can be a daunting experience that is either dreaded or avoided at all costs. Here at Dental Solutions, we provide a friendly relaxed environment, where your needs are our top priority. Our latest modern dental techniques ensure that dentistry is not painful in any way, guaranteed.

We also offer a number of additional services to put you completely at your ease during your visit:-

  • For orthodontic patients, Hollie Kavaney will be on-hand before, during and after your treatment to advise you on anything from treatment times to aftercare.
  • We offer a consultation prior to any treatment where you can meet Gavin and his team. This is a great opportunity to discuss your smile, any fears you might have, and the different treatment options. At your first consultation, you don’t even need to sit in the dentist’s chair if you don’t want to.
  • We have television screens in the ceilings of our surgeries so you can watch programmes or even listen to your own music to help ease your fears.
  • In our waiting rooms, you’ll find the latest selection of magazines, chilled water and fresh fruit, so you can sit back and relax in a calming environment.

Have we convinced you to book a consultation? We really hope so.

Please call 01925 756565 and speak to our reception team who will be happy to answer any questions you might have. Alternatively, you can drop us an email on [email protected], or use the contact form below. If you’re nervous about your visit to the dentist, we do understand and will do everything we can to help you.


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Reassuring a Nervous Patient


Here we are speaking to Trisha who recently had All on 4 treatment with us, and was previously a dental phobic/nervous patient. See her story here

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