If you’ve always dreamed of a straighter smile but don’t like the idea of wearing braces for years, Quick Straight Teeth could be the orthodontic treatment for you. This revolutionary teeth straightening system is designed to get results, fast! Quick Straight Teeth is also known for its quick treatment time, typically taking between 6-9 months, and prices start from just £250 per month with our 10 months interest free credit facility.

Quick Straight Teeth: Patient Stories

Our Quick Straight Teeth Package Includes:

  • Initial consultation with Lauren Westhead BDS BSc or Amy Norfolk BDS BSc, our certified QST providers.
  • Full orthodontic assessment
  • Discreet treatment options, using either clear or white brackets with tooth-coloured wires
  • £2,500 for a single arch and £3,500 for a dual arch
  • Free retainers at the end of treatment to keep your teeth beautifully in place
  • Half-price whitening (£162.50) at the end of your treatment to add that extra polish, sparkle and finishing touch!
  • 0% interest-free credit available! This affordable treatment starts from just £250 per month with our 10 month interest free credit

How does Quick Straight Teeth work?

Quick Straight Teeth is one of the latest systems of short-term cosmetic orthodontics available. This ultra-fast orthodontic treatment plan is designed to fix small problems with teeth alignment and can deliver incredible results in a short amount of time. This can be particularly useful for patients whose previous orthodontic treatment has relapsed over time. 

There are two discreet Quick Straight Teeth straightening systems offered here at Dental Solutions; clear aligners and ceramic (clear) braces. Both options are able to correct any mild dental straightening problems, and patients will be provided with a treatment option that is best suited to their individual case.

Quick Straight Teeth FAQs

You will have a regular appointment at the practice during your treatment for your braces to be adjusted. It may be a little sore for a couple of days after each of these appointments as your teeth move into place, but otherwise they should be completely painless. We also supply you with some wax for if you have any sharp brackets rubbing on the inside of your mouth. Due to technological advancements, Invisalign now is faster than ever before. The virtually invisible aligners can in many cases be changed every week as your teeth are gradually repositioned into a smile that you will love. The treatment is so convenient- you can remove the aligners to eat and to clean your teeth. You can even use the aligners to whiten your teeth during treatment. Invisalign is more comfortable than traditional fixed braces. There are no metal wires or bands which are more visible and can sometimes irritate your mouth. It’s also easier to keep your teeth clean too.
We would always recommend that you avoid hard foods such as crusty bread and pizzas and sticky foods such as toffees and chewing gum. Your braces are not as invincible as you may think! In addition as the Quick Straight teeth brackets and wires are clear we also ask you to avoid strongly coloured foods such as curries, otherwise your braces will stain.
The Quick straight teeth system is as quick as the name suggests. Typically our patients achieve their desired results in just 7 months but many are much quicker than this… it depends on the patient.
Our patients rarely report any changes in their speech when wearing the Quick Straight Teeth braces but it is possible that you may find that you lisp for a few days as you become used to them.
You will need to see your own hygienist or visit our hygienist team here at Dental Solutions prior to your initial impressions. Even the slightest amount of plaque can hamper the efficiency of your braces. We also recommend a visit to your hygienist during and immediately after treatment to ensure that your teeth are staying clean and that you are brushing them correctly. It is really important to brush each individual bracket on your brace as well as your teeth themselves. We give you a special toothbrush or tepes just for this purpose!
Once your treatment is complete and you are delighted with your new smile we need you to keep them that way! We will custom fit an Essix retainer that you continue to wear just at night time.
Treatment costs start at £2,000 for a single arch (upper or lower teeth). With our interest-free credit payment plan over 10 months you’d be looking at £200 per month or under £50 a week.

Meet our Quick Straight Teeth team

Lauren and Amy are both accredited Quick Straight teeth providers and have been successfully treating patients for several years at the practice. In addition Lisa is our Orthodontic facilitator who will manage all of your appointments and ensure that your treatment runs smoothly. Lisa is your first port of call to answer any questions you may have between adjustment appointments with Amy or Lauren.

Lauren Westhead

Lauren Westhead BDS

Amy Norfolk BDS

Lisa Meechan Orthodontic Faciliator

If you are considering the Quick Straight Teeth treatment in Cheshire or Warrington then call our Reception team on 01925 756565 or contact us below to arrange an initial consultation with one of our Quick Straight Teeth practitioners, Amy Norfolk BDS BSc and Lauren Westhead BDS BSc. You can also book a video consultation with Lauren and Amy.

They will assess your suitability to the Quick Straight Teeth system and can discuss the different interest-free credit and low-cost interest bearing treatment plans that are available.

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