Rachel’s Story – Invisalign

Rachel's Story - Invisalign

I had braces as a teenager for over three years – the traditional train track ones. Whilst I loved the result they achieved in straightening my smile, over the 10 years since they came off, and the arrival of wisdom teeth, my teeth had gradually shifted out of place. Not massively, but they had become quite uneven.

I’d been thinking about getting them straightened for a while, but when I got engaged, I knew that I wanted my smile to look it’s very best for the wedding- the one day of course when you smile the most. 

My local dentist in Frodsham sent me to Dental Solutions for a  consultation. I met Lauren the dentist (and Invisalign clinician) and briefed her on my imminent wedding deadline and the desire to have discrete braces. I’m a teacher and regularly take assemblies, meet parents and give presentations so I wanted a discreet way of straightening my teeth. I also had my sisters 30th Birthday celebrations in mind and I didn’t want to see braces on the photos. Lauren completely understood what I was looking for and built a treatment plan bespoke to what I needed to achieve.

My invisalign treatment was remarkably quick – my teeth moved into place over 6 weeks. It was a bit painful to wear the aligners to begin with- but the remarkable thing was that they were so subtle that only a couple of people noticed that I was wearing braces. At the end of the treatment I needed some IPR (gentle filing) to even out my teeth, then a course of free whitening which was included in the price. My results were so impressive that my fiancée then also booked a course of whitening too. 

My wedding day itself was brilliant and I smiled so much that my cheeks ached at the end of the day. I knew that I had made the right decision to straighten my teeth.

Dental Solutions are so friendly and warm – it isn’t just Lauren but the whole team. You get to know everybody during your treatment, and it feels more like you are popping over to a friend’s house for a cup of tea rather than going to the dentist! Once they’d seen me a couple of times, the Receptionists greeted me by name when I walked through the door which I always think is a lovely touch. I am made to feel like a VIP when I go there – in fact the treatment cost was so reasonable and the service so exceptional that I am going to leave my dentist and stay with Lauren – the costs aren’t that different to NHS prices. 

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