Gareth Hargreaves BDS PG Cert Endodontics, BSc

Root canal (Endodontic) treatment is usually needed when a tooth becomes infected, painful, broken down, or when the dental nerve inside the tooth dies. Here at Dental Solutions, we do everything possible to save teeth and maintain great dental health and the treatment means you can preserve teeth that would otherwise need to be removed.

Sometimes the extraction of an infected tooth can sometimes lead to further dental problems due to the stress on an overloading of the remaining teeth and possible changes to your bite so wherever possible we want to keep your teeth.

We use the latest technology to ensure a rapid, comfortable and minimally invasive treatment. With this modern technology and expertise, root canal treatment is not painful, its purpose is to relieve pain, not cause it!

Root canal treatment and other endodontic procedures have evolved a great deal in the last few years. Through Endodontics, it is now possible to predict, treat and save a tooth that, just years ago, would have required extraction.

Our highly skilled Dentist Gareth Hargreaves has a Post Graduate Certificate in Endodontics and is happy to discuss endodontic treatment with you should this area of dentistry be required.

The Root Canal Treatment Procedure

1. Tooth Evaluation

The first stage of a root canal procedure is for Gareth to carefully evaluate your tooth to ensure that Endodontics is the best treatment option for you. Dental x-rays will form part of this evaluation process so that we can look under the surface of your tooth to assess the bone and structures of the root.

2. Local Anaesthetic

After numbing your tooth with a local anaesthetic, we will place a special cover over your tooth called a dental dam. This protects your airway whilst the endodontic treatment is being completed and also prevents saliva contaminating the tooth. We then remove any filling in your tooth and use a special drill to expose the infected nerve.

3. Root Cleansing

We remove the diseased nerve and cleanse and shape the canals in your root so that an ideal root filling can be placed. Sometimes when your tooth is very infected we place an antiseptic within the canal and place a temporary filling for a few weeks before completing the root filling.

4. Root Filling

Finally, Gareth will place a special root filling material into your root canals and then put a temporary filling in your tooth. It is often the case that your tooth will require extra protection from fracture and so often a crown will be the best way to achieve this protection in the longer term.

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