Sheila’s Story – Quick Straight Teeth

marie-heneghan-quick-straight-teethMy teeth have never been perfect, but as I have become older they started to twist out of shape.

Not only did they look crooked, but they had become quite difficult to clean. I wasn’t sure if braces would be suitable for someone of my age but I decided to google Dentists in the North West and came across the Dental Solutions website. I have always had a fear of dentists from a young age so I was looking for a practice that specialised in nervous patients. I read some of the patient stories on the website, including more mature women who had had their teeth straightened. I decided there and then that the practice was just what I was looking for. So I called to reserve my consultation with Gavin.

I was delighted to meet Gavin, who not only reassured me that teeth movement was mostly an evolutionary thing as we age, but that they could straighten my teeth without a problem! I was well cared for by Lauren, and then by Amy whilst Lauren was away on maternity leave. They used the Quick Straight Teeth system of orthodontics. They were very gentle and my fear of dentists has now completely gone.

To begin with, I thought my teeth would never move, then all of a sudden they started moving into place. The braces were very discrete – hardly anyone noticed them, although my speech was a bit lispy for a few days when the braces were first fitted. I also visited the hygienist regularly throughout treatment to help me keep my teeth clean around the brackets and wires.

The treatment took a year to complete and I have to say that I am delighted with the results we have achieved. Plus I can eat my favourite corn on the cob again!

I feel much more confident now – my friends have also commented saying that I look different. I also have ‘adapted’ my smile to a big bright wide smile, whereas before I hardly opened my mouth.

Whilst everyone I have met has been excellent, I also want to mention the hygiene team at the practice. I had a ‘pocket’ of infection in one of my teeth which was resolved with a combination of airflow treatment, teepees and lots of advice from the team. My dental hygiene has never been better – I think that having orthodontics makes you slightly obsessive about keeping your teeth clean.


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