12th June 2019

The Real Cost of Not Replacing a Missing Tooth

Tooth loss is often a difficult reality to face. Every day we see patients that have missing teeth; sometimes they are teeth that have been recently extracted or lost, other times they have been missing for years. The reasons for why the teeth are missing vary, but the answers about why it is best to replace them are usually the same. Unfortunately, the loss of one tooth can potentially lead on to a number of other dental issues if left uncared for.

Here are some common issues which you may not have considered when it comes to tooth loss…

Personal Self Esteem

The most obvious effect of missing teeth is aesthetic. The way you look affects the way you feel, and the psychological and social consequences of tooth loss can also be profound. You may feel embarrassed when speaking to others or too afraid to smile in photos. Feeling judged for tooth loss can also be a very common feeling. For that reason, allowing the issue to persist for an extended period can have a serious effect on your mental wellbeing. Seeking treatment for your tooth loss can be just as important for your self-esteem as it is for your oral health. But it’s not just about unsightly gaps; there’s something less apparent going on in the area of a lost tooth that can affect function, health and facial aesthetics.

Bone Loss

The biggest risk associated with tooth loss is eventual bone loss. As the roots of a tooth are no longer embedded into the jaw bone, it leaves a gap or void in the bone. Over time, this area of the jaw bone begins to deteriorate.
If teeth are not replaced, it can eventually lead to a change in the shape of your face. It may also become more difficult to secure implants or dentures in that area.

Excessive Wear and Movement

Bones are similar to muscles in that if you don’t stimulate them, they will start to deteriorate. The bones in your jaws are stimulated by the force of biting & chewing. When you lose even a single tooth, the bone under where the tooth used to start to weaken & decrease in density. The increased force on other supporting teeth will also lead to increased tooth wear over time. Unusual wear and bone loss can – over long periods of time – also lead to further tooth loss.

The impact on surrounding teeth may also be more significant than you expect in terms of alignment. Teeth will slowly move over time if your tooth is not replaced. This can be a small movement or severe, drifting so far as to close the gap left by the lost tooth. Not only does this change your bite, but it can mean replacing that tooth can potentially be more difficult.

Speech Impediments

Difficulty speaking following tooth loss is quite common. Changes to your speech are quite typical; causing slurring of words, hissing, lisp and sometimes a little spitting. Your speech may recover over time – as you become used to the loss – but, it’s better for your long-term speech to replace the lost tooth.

Have You Suffered a Tooth Loss?

Here at Dental Solutions, our team specialise in a number of tooth loss solutions; including individual dental implants and more extensive solutions such as the All on Four implant treatment. To find out more, call out friendly team on 01925 756565 today.

Or for a free, no obligation, consultation – book now.

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