Tony’s Story – Zygomatic Implants

Tony's Story - Zygomatic Implants

‘Don’t think twice!’

I came along to an implant event at Dental Solutions in Lymm, having been recommended by my own local dentist – the Cottage Dental Practice in Ormskirk. 

I wasn’t interested in having bone grafts- but I knew already that I didn’t have enough bone in my jaw to site normal implants, so the conversation with Gavin the Principal Dentist led to the possibility of Zygomatic implants instead. Gavin works alongside Richard Brookshaw who is one of only a handful of dedicated surgeons in the country qualified to place zygomatic implants into the cheekbones instead of the jawbone. 

I really enjoyed meeting Gavin and the team at the event, felt that I would be in very safe hands and decided that I would go ahead with this type of All-on4 as soon as possible.

Fortunately, Nicky the Implant Facilitator was brilliant and able to find me a surgery slot within just 2 weeks. 

Surprisingly, the procedure itself didn’t hurt one bit. I followed the aftercare instructions to the letter, regularly using ice packs to minimize bruising and taking paracetamol as required, which wasn’t for that long- I genuinely didn’t feel any real discomfort.

So, how do I feel now? I can’t say enough to praise and thank the team for what they have done for me. My teeth feel and look natural – they feel normal and completely secure in my mouth like my own used to be. I can eat an apple once again without wondering if my plate would snap. 

I think that my confidence had drained away before this treatment – I used to avoid social situations where eating was involved. My wife has noticed that I smile a lot more now than I used to before treatment and that my confidence is back. I’m so much happier than I was!

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