qst-image-5If you are self-conscious about your smile and dream or straighter teeth, fixed braces could be the solution for you. Traditional fixed braces are the most well-known orthodontic treatment and are suitable for teens or adults. We offer a special fixed price deal for fixed teen braces that can help parents hoping to avoid the long NHS waiting lists.

How do fixed braces work?

Traditional fixed braces are the most common orthodontic treatment to correct teeth and jaw alignment. They consist of small metal brackets that allow the dentist to have total control over each tooth in order to straighten the teeth. These bonded brackets are fixed on every tooth and are connected with a flexible thin metal wire held in place by small elastic rings or ligatures. The wires will be adjusted at every appointment in order to help straighten the teeth.

Misaligned teeth can cause issues with speaking, biting and chewing, which is why many people turn to orthodontics to help fix these problems. For the success of the treatment, it is important to follow all instructions given by the orthodontist and attend all booked appointments to achieve the best possible improvement of your smile.

What type of adult braces are available?

Nowadays there are different types of adult braces, the most used ones are made of stainless steel. Plastic and ceramic tooth coloured braces are more popular amongst adults and are usually only used on the top teeth. This is a discreet option if you are concerned about the appearance of wearing stainless steel braces for the duration of your treatment.

How long will I wear the fixed braces?

The duration of the treatment will vary, depending on each patient’s teeth and the severity of the case. We offer a free initial consultation where you will meet with one of our orthodontics team and discuss the options available to you. You will then be offered a treatment plan that will outline the course of your treatment. At the end of the treatment, once the braces are removed by the practitioner, you will be provided with removable retainers. These will be worn for some time in order to attain stability of any teeth movement.

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Adult Braces Case studies

Fixed braces case study charlotte

“I love how my teeth look now they are super straight! It’s really weird but I have had to learn how to smile again, and I kept smiling at myself in the mirror. I have now perfected my big cheesy grin which people really notice… for the right reasons!”

Read Charlotte’s Fixed Braces Story

“I put my trust again into some lovely talented and patient people who genuinely seemed to care about me and deliver a high-quality service. I’m much happier now – my job involves meeting new people every day and I feel more confident doing so.”

Read Gary’s Fixed Braces Story

Garys Story - teeth straightening

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