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Do You Want a Whiter, Brighter Smile?

A perfect pick-me-up for just about any mouth! Sometimes your teeth can need that little something to brighten them up and get them looking tip-top. Teeth whitening Warrington is the answer. Painless and easy, a whiter smile will have you beaming from ear to ear in no time at all. All our dentists are fully trained and very experienced in whitening to ensure you get the whitest smile you wish for.

We have a wide range of different treatments (shown below) for tooth whitening Warrington, depending on your budget, the shade of whiteness you desire, the speed of transformation you wish to achieve, and any tooth sensitivity you may have. Please call us to book an initial consultation with one of our dentists, who can advise on the best system for you.

– Boutique Whitening

Boutique Whitening

Boutique Whitening uses a double action formula to give you a beautiful white smile.
Our gels break down to form Oxygen ions that remove surface stain, whilst also penetrating deep into the tooth, whitening from the inside out.

Because everyone is unique, and their teeth are different shades to begin with, you must see your dentist who will explain which product will work best for you, and what results can realistically be achieved.

Boutique Whitening is a premium quality whitening gel that delivers superior results, with a noticeable improvement in just a few days.

Boutique Whitening has been designed to fit in with your lifestyle. Now you can whiten your teeth, your way.

You can opt for Boutique By Day, which works with only 1 hour wear time per day. Alternatively, you can choose Boutique By Night and whiten your teeth as you sleep.

There are a number of key features that make Boutique Whitening the number one choice for many dentists and patients:

  • Boutique use the highest strength formula available for rapid results
  • pH neutral gels to protect the teeth
  • Integrated potassium nitrate to reduce sensitivity
  • High water content to keep teeth hydrated
  • Thicker gels to prevent saliva-washout

– Enlighten Teeth Whitening Warrington

Enlighten Whitening Treatment

We also offer our patients the option of the Enlighten system of tooth whitening. Widely acknowledged as one of the most effective whitening systems in the world, Enlighten guarantees that your teeth will be significantly lighter in just two weeks with a Vita B1 shade, the lightest naturally available on the market. The system has a 98% success rate, long lasting whitening results and low teeth and gum sensitivity. Enlighten whitening treatment works straight through the enamel and therefore does not harm the tooth surface. In addition, unlike other whitening products you can continue to eat and drink the foods you like, without the need to change your diet.

The Enlighten system is a combination of a 2 week at home tray system followed by an hour long treatment with the dentist to complete your teeth whitening Warrington.

– At Home Teeth Whitening Warrington

We will custom make you some trays – a little like gum shields only much thinner – which you can wear in the evening or overnight filled with our special whitening gel. You have the flexibility to go as white as you like with these trays as the more you wear them the whiter your teeth will become. You can expect your teeth to achieve a great looking result within a couple of weeks. Of course the trays are yours to keep and can be worn again whenever you feel your teeth need brightening up, perhaps before a holiday or a wedding. For low-maintenance teeth whitening Warrington.

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Can yellow teeth become white?

If you suffer from yellow or discoloured teeth, brushing alone won’t turn your teeth white. However, our range of precise teeth whitening treatments can help to brighten your smile and cover yellowing. We offer a range of cutting-edge technology to ensure that no matter how yellow your teeth are, the end result is exactly the smile you deserve.

Are yellow teeth healthy?

It’s a common misconception that yellow teeth equal unhealthy ones. However, this isn’t necessarily the case, as genetics can play a huge part in how your teeth look. Many of our patients have naturally thin or translucent enamel, which means that their teeth can look yellow, even if they’re super healthy.

In these cases, you may want to opt for teeth whitening to achieve a healthier looking smile.

Does teeth whitening hurt?

No, absolutely not! Teeth whitening is a quick, painless procedure that can yield fantastic results. It’s worth noting that those who are prone to tooth sensitivity may experience some discomfort during treatment, or in the initial days afterwards. However, this should be short-lived, and you can speak with your dentist if you’re concerned.

EU regulations mean you will only be able to have tooth whitening using between 0.1% and 6% hydrogen peroxide* after first visiting your dentist. After a supervised first treatment we will then ensure you know how to use the products correctly at home.

*Any products over 6% are illegal and unavailable for use by anyone. Beware of hairdressers and beauty salons offering tooth whitening. It is likely that they are either operating illegally, in which case you should report them to Trading Standards. They may be using an alternative bleaching chemical, likely to be Chlorine Dioxide which has a strong dehydrating effect on the tooth and we would never recommend it.

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Mike White
Mike White
The best experience. When you step through the door you are met by the friendliest receptionist,Which continues through the practice. If you want the best dental care and treatments across the board this is where you need to go.
Charlotte Bell
Charlotte Bell
I came to dental solutions with severe anxiety of dentists and Lauren was so helpful, kind and patient with me. For the first time in years I've found a dentist who I feel comfortable with. Thank you
Gill S
Gill S
I had a wisdom tooth extracted by Gavin after having toothache due to my tooth breaking. I was nervous as I had not had a tooth removed by injection before. Gavin was reassuring, explained the procedure fully and it was over quickly with no pain. All staff at the practice are caring, friendly and professional and I have been going for many years. I highly recommend Dental Solutions.
Thank you to Gavin and team at Dental Solutions for the superb dental work done yesterday. As well as being highly professional and very good at what they do the place has a great atmosphere which makes going to the dentist a pleasure.
tracy grensinger
tracy grensinger
Amazing experience. I felt in safe friendly professional hands with all the team . Thank you!
Zoe Manley
Zoe Manley
Can’t speak highly enough of this practice and in particular Lauren. 2 years ago I walked in and was so nervous I cried just as the sight of the chair. Her and the staff have been so patient and understanding and have worked with me to overcome my phobia. This week I had a filling and was absolutely fine, my family couldn’t believe it. Reception staff are lovely and really accommodating too. So glad I found them, I don’t dread the dentist anymore.
David Partridge
David Partridge
A really Five Star Dental Practice! Upon arrival I was greeted by their most friendly welcoming receptionists. it seems nothing is 'too much trouble' to them. Gavin is similarly very friendly and the surgery is kitted out with the most high-tech modern equipment. On my first visit Gavin examined my teeth and explained my options to me giving me his recommendation for treatment and reasons why. Their Co-ordinator prepared a detailed quote for my treatment and went through it in detail with me, ensuring I understood everything; she had plenty of time for me as a patient. From the outset I had complete confidence in entrusting them with my dental care and the final results are truly amazing. Gavin and Richard could not have been more professional and my treatment was made as painless as possible. Dental Solutions provide a truly outstanding service and I thank them for my new 'long lost' smile and renewed confidence, especially when dining out and talking with people. I can't recommend them too highly.
Carole Dodwell
Carole Dodwell
A first class experience from start to finish. Despite being fearful of visiting the dentist, Gavin put me at ease with his gentle unhurried manner. I was surprised at how relaxed I actually felt undergoing treatment for a crown and the removal/replacement of front teeth veneers. Having felt self conscious about my front teeth for a long time, I decided to have my old veneers replaced. The results were amazing and far exceeded my expectations. What Gavin achieved was nothing short of a work of art, boosting my confidence tenfold. The practice itself is very welcoming, the customer service excellent and the staff are all very friendly and kind. I cannot recommend this dental practise highly enough.
Nick Halliwell
Nick Halliwell
I recently needed some urgent treatment and after trying a couple of dentists in the area, dental solutions were the only dentist that agreed to see me, genuinely nobody else showed any interest in helping me. The receptionist I spoke to initially was super compassionate and understanding and did all she could to get me in asap. I saw Lauren for all of my appointments, and I’ve now had: a composite filling, root canal and emax crown and just yesterday had a wisdom tooth extracted. I don't know what Lauren does but I have had zero pain or discomfort with any treatments during and after. I'm extremely happy with the results of her work. She definitely knows her stuff and filled me with the utmost confidence whilst in the chair! I literally cant find any fault with any of the experiences I have had so far. They go the extra mile and do it with a smile. What more can you ask for?! Definitely my dentist for the foreseeable future! Thank you Lauren and everyone!
Pete Taberham
Pete Taberham
Had my initial consultation with Lauren, truly professional and extremely friendly. She explained all my options in detail and following discussions opted for veneers and can't wait to see the end result.
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