If you have been turned away for traditional dental implants, zygomatic implants could provide the solution for you. Zygomatic implants are a real alternative for patients for whom traditional dental implants are unsuitable. This is usually due to a lack of bone in the upper jaw. Instead of placing the titanium implants in the jaw bone, longer zygoma implants are attached to the cheekbone.

How do zygomatic implants work?

This procedure is carried out by our highly skilled dental implant surgeon, Richard Brookshaw. He is one of only a handful of surgeons nationwide who is able to carry out zygoma implant surgery in patients with bone loss, using these specially designed zygomatic implants. In cases where bone grafts in the jawbone wouldn’t be suitable, zygomatic implants might be the only solution. Likewise, if the bone graft has proven unsuccessful, zygomatic implants might be the only way to secure denture implants.

Why choose zygomatic implants?

If you have been turned away by another dentist for traditional dental implants, then zygomatic implants might offer some hope. According to Richard Brookshaw, zygomatic implants are “a far superior alternative to traditional dentures and a faster alternative to complicated bone grafting procedures.” You can hear more about Richard’s experience with zygomatic implants in the video below.

Same day treatment with zygomatic implants

zygomatic implants xrayZygomatic implants are longer than traditional dental implants as they are attached to the cheekbone. The majority of patients can have a fixed bridge fitted on the same day as the implants are put in place. Replacing dentures with implant-supported bridges can dramatically improve your facial appearance as well as restoring the natural biomechanics of your jaw. You will be able to eat the foods you want to eat once again without a second thought. Denture implants are also easier to maintain as you won’t need to take them out to clean them. There is also less risk of losing the denture implants or accidentally breaking them.

One of our recent patients has found the Zygomatic implants to be the perfect solution for his issues with dentures:

I was a denture wearer for over ten years, and I hated them. Almost impossible to socialise and feel comfortable whilst eating- two dentures had fractured this way.   

I investigated a bone graft in my jaw as there wasn’t enough bone present for implants. When I was offered a Zygoma all-on-4 Implant Bridge I felt so positive.  The procedure and care were of the highest standard and the result has been amazing.   I haven’t been this happy and positive about my teeth for years.   I smile much more now and eat what I want. If you have problems and need a Zygoma all-on-4 Implant don’t delay, arrange it today.”

  • Tony Culshaw, Ormskirk

Advantages of zygomatic implants

Research has shown that zygomatic implants have close to a 100% success rate. Anchoring the implants close to the zygoma bone is also a much quicker alternative to bone grafting. Bone grafts can take up to six months to heal whereas you could walk out of the dental implant suite the same day with zygomatic implants. In this video, Janice discusses her experience with dental implants. You can also visit the dental implant before and after galleries to see some of Richard’s work.

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Meet the team

Our dental implant team is led by Richard Brookshaw. Richard has extensive experience in placing dental implants (over 5,000 so far) including complex cases where bone grafts and sinus lifts are needed. Richard is supported by Nicola Corless, our dental implant nurse and treatment facilitator. Nicola is also highly experienced in dental implant nursing and she provides nursing support throughout your dental implant treatment. She is on-hand before and after the procedure to answer any questions that you may have.

Richard Brookshaw (Implant Surgeon)

Richard Brookshaw
Implant Surgeon

Nicola Corless
Implant Treatment Facilitator

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