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If you have previously enquired about dental implants, but are yet to find a suitable treatment, then zygomatic implants might be the solution. Zygomatic implants are an alternative to traditional or individual dental implants for patients who might be unsuitable for the treatment process that is required. This is usually due to a lack of bone in the upper jaw, so with zygomatic implants, these are placed into the cheekbone instead of the jawbone. 

Here at Dental Solutions, we have a dedicated and comfortable implant suite for your treatment, with the latest in dental technology. Our team of experienced and dedicated dentists and nursing team are on hand to ensure the smooth running of your zygomatic implant treatment and to answer any questions you might have. 

Zygomatic Implants: Patient Stories 

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    Same Day Zygomatic Implants

    Research has shown that zygomatic implants have a close to 100% success rate. Fixing zygomatic implants close to the zygoma bone provides a much quicker alternative to bone grafting. Whilst bone grafts can take up to six months to heal fully, you can leave our surgery the very same day with zygomatic implants. 

    With zygomatic implants, patients can have a fixed bridge fitted the same day that the implants are put in place. Replacing uncomfortable and ill-fitting dentures with implant-supported bridges can dramatically improve your facial appearance, whilst also restoring the full use of your jaw. With zygomatic implants, you will be able to smile, eat, chew and talk - you’ll be able to eat the foods you love once again without worrying about dentures or prosthetic teeth. 

    Our Zygomatic Implant Packages Include: 

    • Consultation with Gavin Laidlaw BDS Principal Dentist
    • All clinical records, X-Rays and photography
    • 1st and 2nd fixed bridgework
    • Zygomatic Implant Surgery with Richard Brookshaw and his clinical team
    • All pre and post-operative medications
    • All review appointments for 12 months post-surgery
    • All laboratory fees covered for 12 months post-surgery
    • Our Zygomatic implant offer includes the cost of sedation.

    Zygomatic Implants At Dental Solutions

    Zygomatic Implants

    Zygomatic implants at Dental Solutions are carried out by our highly-skilled dental implant surgeon, Richard Brookshaw. He is one of only a handful of surgeons nationwide who is able to carry out zygomatic implant surgery for patients suffering from bone loss. In cases where bone grafts in the jawbone wouldn’t be suitable for the patient, zygomatic implants might be the only solution. If a bone graft has previously proven unsuccessful, zygomatic implants might be the only way in which we can secure any dental implants.

    Meet Our Zygomatic Implant Expert: Richard Brookshaw

    Our dental implant team is led by Richard Brookshaw, our implant surgeon. Richard has extensive experience in placing dental implants (placing over 5,000 so far!) including complex cases where bone grafts or sinus lifts might be needed.

    zygomatic Implants

    Zygomantic Implant FAQs

    Zygomatic implants are secured to your cheekbones, as opposed to the jawbone with traditional implants. Once these implants are secured, we can then place implants or fixed bridges. Our Principal Dentist Gavin Laidlaw will work with you to create your new smile which will look completely natural once your zygomatic implant treatment is complete. Prior to your consultation for zygomatic implants, we will ask you to bring along some photos of you smiling so that we can help to create the most natural smile.

    Traditional implants are often secured to the jawbone but, over time, the health of your jawbone can deteriorate, meaning that traditional implants wouldn’t be succesful. In these instances, you may require a bone graft, however, with zygomatic implants, these are fitted to your cheekbones, which are much less likely to deteriorate over time. Zygomatic implants mean that you can not only avoid complex bone-grafting procedures, but they tend to last longer than traditional implants.

    In total, you can expect zygomatic implant surgery to last for around 6 hours in total. This includes 2 hours for preparation, 2 hours of treatment and 2 hours relaxing in our dedicated implant suite following your treatment surgery. Prior to your surgery, we will take some scans so that we can locate the specific location of your cheekbone. Then we will create a model of your jaw which helps us to carry out zygomatic implant surgery accurately. 

    We can fit your zygomatic implants and a temporary bridge on the same day so that you’re not left without a full smile. During the surgery, you might feel some slight motions but our patients report a mostly painless procedure when it comes to zygomatic implants. You will be sedated throughout the procedure for zygomatic implants and we will provide you with all pre and post-operative medications. Following your treatment, you might notice some swelling, soreness and bruising, but this usually only lasts for a couple of days and is easily controlled with painkillers.

    Yes, of course. We have a range of payment options and treatment plans to suit you, including interest-free credit plans. Our treatment facilitator Niamh Collins can discuss these options with you during your initial consultation.

    Yes. Zygomatic implants have a very high success rate and can be a life-long solution to missing teeth and a lack of jawbone. This is however a very specialist treatment, and there aren’t many dental professionals who can perform this type of procedure.

    Here at Dental Solutions, we’re lucky enough to have an in-house dental specialist, Richard Brookshaw, who is an extremely experienced implant surgeon. If you’re in need of Zygomatic implants, he will work with you to ensure you’re completely informed about the nature of the procedure, as well as any risks that may exist in your specific case.

    Zygomatic implants are considered a long-term solution for tooth and jawbone loss and can last longer than 12 years. If you take good care of your Zygomatic implants by keeping up with a good oral healthcare routine and regular check-ups, they could even last you a lifetime. 

    Your dentist will be able to advise you on the best ways to make sure your new Zygomatic implants last for as long as possible.

    There are a number of reasons why you might benefit from Zygomatic implants, but the main reason is that there’s minimal jawbone when using traditional implants.

    Because Zygomatic implants are extra-long, they can be implanted into the cheekbones instead, allowing you to benefit from healthy implants that still use a strong and secure foundation, even despite your lack of jawbone. 

    Whether you’ve suffered oral trauma, severe gum disease with bone loss or have simply lost bone structure due to old age, Zygomatic implants could help.

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