7th May 2021

5 Things You Should Know About Teeth Straightening for Adults

There may be a number of different reasons as to why you might be considering having your teeth straightened as an adult. Perhaps you had braces as a teenager but didn’t keep up with wearing your retainer, so now your teeth have since moved, or maybe your teeth have shifted slightly on their own as you’ve aged, leaving you with a smile you’re no longer happy with.

Thanks to modern advances in orthodontics, teeth straightening for adults is becoming a much more popular procedure, meaning that we are now more familiar with the dental concerns and needs of adult patients. If you are considering having a teeth straightening procedure as an adult, here are 5 things you should know.

Know the challenges of teeth straightening for adults

For the majority of adults today, the number one concern with their smile or teeth is the straightness, or lack of. Whilst it is possible to get the straight-tooth smile you want as an adult, it is slightly more challenging than straightening teeth as a child or teenager. When it comes to teeth straightening, for adults your alignment is likely already set, so it may take slightly more time to achieve your desired results.

It is important to recognise that your journey to straight teeth may take slightly longer than you anticipated, but this will be discussed further during your initial consultation. We have a few options available when it comes to teeth straightening for adults here at Dental Solutions, so our dentists will help you choose which option is best for you and the results you want to achieve.

Prepare for your treatment

Braces can have a multitude of benefits and aren’t just used for straightening teeth. They can be used to re-line your jaw in order to give you a better bite, space out crowded teeth and close gaps in your smile. Before you decide to go ahead with your treatment, it’s best to know the treatment plan ahead of you and this is something we can discuss with you during your initial consultation.

It’s essential that you make time for your checkups and consultations, as you may need appointments a few weeks apart, so this is something to consider if you have a fairly busy schedule. You may also need to adjust some of the things you’re used to, such as implementing an increased dental hygiene routine or avoiding certain foods which may damage your teeth straightening treatment.

Dental treatments have changed over the years

As an adult, the idea of having braces will likely conjure up images of the big metal braces previously used in the 80s and 90s. Thanks to developments in dental technology and treatments, your experience will be completely different from brace and teeth straightening treatments used in the past.

Teeth straightening solutions used today are much more comfortable and are less intrusive than those used in the past. Braces are smaller and far less noticeable and there is the option of having clear brackets and wires. Our team here at Dental Solutions will help you to pick the option which best complements your teeth and lifestyle.

It’s important to maintain your results

When it comes to teeth straightening, for adults especially it’s important to follow the post-treatment procedures and advice in order to maintain the smile that you’ve been working on. After teeth straightening treatments and procedures, retainers are often recommended in order to keep teeth straight and in place, especially during the first few months after you have your braces taken off.

Retainers are unobtrusive and are easy to wear without much interference to the way you talk or smile. Your post-treatment plan will also require you to wear your retainers at night. They can make all the difference when it comes to keeping your teeth in their new, straight position and maintaining your new smile. We also have some post-braces treatment options if you want your new smile to truly shine, such as teeth whitening.

You’re not too old

Teeth straightening for adults comes with no real age limit, as long as your gums and bones are in good health, so you are not too old to wear braces and achieve the smile you’ve always wanted! When it comes to teeth straightening for adults, we offer Invisalign and Quick Straight Teeth treatments, both of which have their own benefits depending on the smile you are looking to achieve.
If you are tired of smiling with a closed mouth or trying to hide your teeth or have any questions about teeth straightening for adults, then contact us today for an initial consultation and to start your journey to straighter teeth.

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