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Anti-Snoring Devices Warrington: Mouth Splints for Sleeping Disorders

Sleep-related breathing disorders happen to vary degrees around the collapsibility of your airway whilst you sleep.

Can I stop my snoring?

With snoring, there is no full obstruction of the airway – the noise is simply the vibrations of soft tissue. Whilst this often has little impact on the snorer, some do wake feeling unrefreshed, and suffer headaches and tenderness in the upper airway. More often though, it is those within close proximity- i.e. the snorer’s bed partners that are profoundly affected. It is possible by the use of a nighttime splint to successfully stop snoring.

Anti-snoring aids Warrington - Dental Solutions

What is daytime sleepiness or EDS?

Excessive daytime sleepiness (EDS) can result from insufficient oxygen entering the body and poor quality sleep caused by multiple waking. Effects of EDS include an inability to concentrate, poor memory, reduction in performance and, in extreme cases, can lead to the sufferer falling asleep unexpectedly. Severe sleepiness has even been found to increase the chances of having an accident whilst driving by seven times.

What is obstructive sleep apnoea?

This is a more severe collapsing of the airway, which can be obstructed for multiple periods of time during sleep. It can either be a total pause or a significant shallowing of breath- oxygen levels dip and can result in a multitude of symptoms: extreme tiredness, abnormal movements whilst sleeping, and headaches to name just a few.

Anti-snoring Devices: Mouth Splints for Sleeping Disorders

Splints for both snoring, EDS and sleep apnoea are available at Dental Solutions. Mandibular Advancement Splints (MAS) are commonly used for both, gently holding the lower jaw forward to keep the airway open. It is proven to be highly effective with many of our patients but in particular, their partners who in turn also improve their own sleep quality. We customise the splint to your own mouth, using a unique UK manufacturing process called Sleepwell which has been shown to be the most clinically successful in sleep trials. But don’t just take our word for how well the Sleepwell appliance works, take a look at the e-mail we received recently from a very happy couple whose sleep has been transformed, literally overnight!

Patient Testimonial

Dear Gavin,

I have been using the mouth guard for 4 weeks and, after the initial reaction of something rather ‘alien’ being in your mouth, now find it ok.

My wife has noted a real improvement with my Sleep Apnoea and also with snoring, stating that I now snore for 15 minutes once asleep which then abates to allow her a far better night’s sleep than before using the Sleepwell.

I have adjusted the appliance by approx 1/3 and although there is an initial sense of fear of not being able to open your mouth when wearing it, you simply need to extend your lower jaw to allow the 2 halves of the appliance to separate. Once this has been repeated several times, the sense of fear subsides.

I wouldn’t begin to suggest it is the most comfortable thing to wear to bed but, knowing that my wife is finally able to get a full night’s sleep for the first time in approx 25 years, it’s a small sacrifice to make.

– Andy S., Sleepwell user


How do mouth splints work for sleeping disorders?

Mouth splints, also referred to as mandibular advancement splints or MAS devices can be highly effective in reducing and relieving symptoms of sleep disorders. They work by holding the lower jaw in place, preventing it from dropping back and causing airway obstruction.

Do mouth splints hurt?

The thought of sleeping with equipment in your mouth may sound daunting, but here at Dental Solutions, we ensure your mouth splint is made bespoke to you. That means that you should experience no pain.

The pressure placed on the lower jaw is gently, but it’s not uncommon to find your new mouth splint a little uncomfortable at first. If you’re struggling with discomfort, get in touch with your dentist who’d be more than happy to help.

Will I need to wear a mouth splint forever?

Whether your issue is snoring, sleep apnoea or EDS, opting for a mouth splint may help to relieve the symptoms during rest. However, in many cases, there are other things that contribute to sleep disorders, and you may be able to seek help to tackle those issues whilst using your mouth splint.

For example, many find that their lifestyle impacts their quality of sleep, and often making small changes can have a dramatic impact. In these cases, you may be able to stop using your mouth splint eventually as the issue resolves itself.

The good thing is that you can use it, or not use it, as and when you choose.

How do I keep my mouth splint clean?

To ensure your oral health remains as good as possible, it’s important that you clean your mouth splint daily. Washing it every morning after you wake up will ensure any residue from the night is cleaned away, but you should also give it a deep clean using denture cleaner once or twice a week. When deep cleaning, you should be soaking your mouth splint for around 30 minutes to ensure it’s thoroughly cleansed.

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Gill S
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Thank you to Gavin and team at Dental Solutions for the superb dental work done yesterday. As well as being highly professional and very good at what they do the place has a great atmosphere which makes going to the dentist a pleasure.
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tracy grensinger
Amazing experience. I felt in safe friendly professional hands with all the team . Thank you!
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Zoe Manley
Can’t speak highly enough of this practice and in particular Lauren. 2 years ago I walked in and was so nervous I cried just as the sight of the chair. Her and the staff have been so patient and understanding and have worked with me to overcome my phobia. This week I had a filling and was absolutely fine, my family couldn’t believe it. Reception staff are lovely and really accommodating too. So glad I found them, I don’t dread the dentist anymore.
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David Partridge
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Carole Dodwell
A first class experience from start to finish. Despite being fearful of visiting the dentist, Gavin put me at ease with his gentle unhurried manner. I was surprised at how relaxed I actually felt undergoing treatment for a crown and the removal/replacement of front teeth veneers. Having felt self conscious about my front teeth for a long time, I decided to have my old veneers replaced. The results were amazing and far exceeded my expectations. What Gavin achieved was nothing short of a work of art, boosting my confidence tenfold. The practice itself is very welcoming, the customer service excellent and the staff are all very friendly and kind. I cannot recommend this dental practise highly enough.
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Nick Halliwell
I recently needed some urgent treatment and after trying a couple of dentists in the area, dental solutions were the only dentist that agreed to see me, genuinely nobody else showed any interest in helping me. The receptionist I spoke to initially was super compassionate and understanding and did all she could to get me in asap. I saw Lauren for all of my appointments, and I’ve now had: a composite filling, root canal and emax crown and just yesterday had a wisdom tooth extracted. I don't know what Lauren does but I have had zero pain or discomfort with any treatments during and after. I'm extremely happy with the results of her work. She definitely knows her stuff and filled me with the utmost confidence whilst in the chair! I literally cant find any fault with any of the experiences I have had so far. They go the extra mile and do it with a smile. What more can you ask for?! Definitely my dentist for the foreseeable future! Thank you Lauren and everyone!
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Pete Taberham
Had my initial consultation with Lauren, truly professional and extremely friendly. She explained all my options in detail and following discussions opted for veneers and can't wait to see the end result.
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Joyce Rock
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Angela Smith
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