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Have you always dreamed of a straighter smile, but are put off by the thought of wearing traditional braces for a long period of time? If so, then Quick Straight Teeth could be the treatment for you!

Quick Straight Teeth is a revolutionary teeth straightening treatment and is designed to give you noticeable results, fast. Most patients finish their treatment within 6-9 months, so Quick Straight Teeth treatment time really is fast!

What Is Quick Straight Teeth?

Quick Straight Teeth is a teeth straightening treatment that uses the latest dental systems to provide short-term cosmetic orthodontics. Using clear fixed or removable braces, Quick Straight Teeth works to realign your teeth, usually concentrating treatment on the front 6-8 teeth.

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This means that, for mild to moderate cosmetic dental complaints, Quick Straight Teeth can help you achieve your desired results in a shorter amount of time, plus it means that it is a more affordable option compared to some other teeth straightening treatments.

As Quick Straight Teeth treatment uses clear braces, this means that the braces are virtually invisible. As you will only be wearing Quick Straight Teeth for a short period of time compared to traditional braces, you needn’t worry about the braces impacting your appearance.

If you have undergone orthodontic treatment in the past, but it hasn’t worked for you or the treatment has relapsed over time, then Quick Straight Teeth could be the treatment for you!

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What Are The Advantages Of Quick Straight Teeth Treatment in Warrington?

For most Dental Solutions patients, there are some major advantages of Quick Straight Teeth treatment, compared to other orthodontic treatments.

These include:

  • Short Treatment Time: Treatment time for Quick Straight Teeth varies between 4 and 24 weeks, depending on your individual treatment plan. Quick Straight Teeth braces focus on the front teeth, meaning that treatment takes less time than traditional orthodontics, which usually involves the removal or movement of the back teeth.
  • Appearance: The brackets and wires used for Quick Straight Teeth treatment are all tooth coloured, so they are perfectly designed to blend in with your teeth and smile. Not only do clear braces look discrete, but they are more comfortable to wear than traditional braces.

During the consultation for your Quick Straight Teeth treatment, we will discuss exactly how you want your smile to look following the treatment. For example, if you’d like a brighter smile, as well as a straighter one, then we can arrange for you to undergo teeth whitening after your Quick Straight Teeth treatment.

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How long does Quick Straight Teeth treatment take?

Quick Straight Teeth treatment really is as quick as the name suggests! Most of our patients achieve their desired results in as little as 7 months, but some patients do see results in a shorter time frame, whilst some patients’ Quick Straight Teeth treatment may take a little longer.

What can I eat and drink with Quick Straight Teeth Braces?

You will be able to consume most foods and drinks with Quick Straight Teeth braces, however, we do have some recommendations so as not to delay your treatment progress. We would recommend avoiding hard foods, such as crusty bread, pizzas or corn on the cob and sticky foods such as sweets, toffees and chewing gum in order to prevent damaging or breaking the wires and brackets. As the brackets and wires are clear, we would also suggest avoiding strongly coloured foods, such as curries or tomato-based sauces, as these can stain your Quick Straight Teeth braces.

How do I look after my teeth during Quick Straight Teeth treatment?

It’s really important to continue looking after your teeth whilst undergoing Quick Straight Teeth treatment so that you don’t cause any damage to the brackets or wires and maintain your oral health. We’d also recommend regular hygienist visits during your treatment, as well as prior to having Quick Straight Teeth treatment, as plaque can hamper the efficiency of your braces.

At home, be sure to brush each individual brace and bracket, as well as your teeth. After your Quick Straight Teeth braces have been attached to your teeth, we will give you a special toothbrush or tepes to make cleaning your teeth easier!

What happens after Quick Straight Teeth treatment?

Once your Quick Straight Teeth treatment is complete and you have a new, straighter smile, we understand that you will want to keep it that way! Following your Quick Straight Teeth treatment, we’ll create a custom-fit retainer that you will continue to wear at night time. We’ll also chat with you about any further improvements you want to make to your smile, so that we can arrange the right follow up treatment.

How much does Quick Straight Teeth treatment cost?

Each patient is different, so that means that each cost of treatment differs slightly. However, Quick Straight Teeth treatment costs start from £2,000 for a single arch (upper or lower teeth). We have interest-free credit plans available for our treatments, including Quick Straight Teeth, so this can be discussed further during your consultation.

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