At Dental Solutions we provide a range of dental hygiene treatments.

During a dental hygienist Warrington visit, your hygienist will screen your mouth for signs of gum disease and provide you with an oral health plan aimed at keeping your mouth healthy and free from gum disease. This will prevent the need for more invasive dental treatment in the future.

Our dedicated team of dental hygienists can give you advice on gum health, and home care and can show you how to take special care of your teeth. They will also provide thorough teeth cleaning so you can feel confident in your smile. Victoria Middleton and Sarah Townsend make their patients feel at ease every step of the way, which is ideal if you are a nervous patient.

We recommend regular dental hygiene visits where we will use specialist tools to ensure your teeth are as clean and healthy as they can be. We will often begin treatment simply and focus on improving your oral hygiene. If we feel you need more advanced gum care we will tailor-make a plan to suit your needs.

Do I need to be a patient at the practice to visit your dental hygienists in Warrington?

We accept patients who are registered with any dental practice, so if your dentist doesn’t offer teeth cleaning services, or if you are struggling to get an appointment, you can visit our practice. Our teeth cleaning experts can also perform tooth whitening. Ask us for more information on this service.

How often should I visit the dental hygienist?

We recommend that all our patients visit one of our Hygiene team at least every 6 months to help maintain a healthy mouth, however many patients prefer to visit us every three months or just before a special occasion for cosmetic cleaning.

We recommend dental hygiene treatment before any big dental procedures such as orthodontic treatment and dental implants to ensure everything is as clean and healthy as possible before you have the work carried out. We can ensure you can look after your dental work once you have finished treatment to ensure the best possible long-term results.

What does a dental hygienist do?

During a dental hygienist visit, your hygiene therapist will use special tools to scale and polish your teeth. This is an effective way to lift surface stains and ensure your teeth look bright and sparkly.

Our dedicated team of dental hygienists and therapists can give you advice on gum health, and home care and can show you how to take special care of your teeth. They will also provide thorough teeth cleaning so you can feel confident in your smile. Victoria Middleton and Sarah Towns make their patients feel at ease every step of the way, which is ideal if you are a nervous patient.

Dental hygienists Warrington - Dental Solutions

Which dental hygienist Warrington treatments are available?

Periodontal Hygiene Treatment

Our Hygiene therapists at Dental Solutions will ensure your oral health care plan is unique to you. At each visit, the hygienist will screen for any changes and ensure we keep your mouth healthy and free from gum disease.

High-Performance Airflow Teeth Cleaning

Airflow teeth cleaning is a new, gentle teeth-cleaning treatment that provides incredible results. Airflow teeth cleaning works through the combined power of three components: air, powder and water. This can be used to effectively clean and polish your teeth, gums and around dental implants. The results are immediate and you will see the difference as soon as the Airflow treatment has been completed.

Airflow teeth cleaning is an extremely effective method of removing staining. Therefore, it is a popular treatment for patients who smoke, wear a brace, or have a diet which means they are more prone to staining. A spray of air and calcium carbonate powder quickly removes stains without being abrasive. The final result is beautifully cleaner and whiter teeth. This is particularly beneficial to have done before teeth whitening to give the absolute best results.

Airflow teeth cleaning can be added to your dental hygiene appointment for an additional fee of £25. Please let reception or your hygienist know if you would like to add this to your standard hygiene appointment.

Most people are advised to come to visit the hygienist every 3 to 6 months but your hygienist may feel that more than one initial session will be beneficial to your oral health, meaning they may ask you to come back sooner.

This is ideal for stubborn surface stains that normal cleaning alone can’t fix, the Airflow teeth cleaning system can help restore your teeth to their natural colour. Please get in touch to book an appointment for Airflow teeth cleaning. You will need to be assessed to ensure you are suitable for this treatment before we go ahead with any air polishing.

Before dental hygienistAfter dental hygienistBefore and after dental hygienist

Tooth Whitening

Our dental hygienists Vicky and Sarah are both trained to perform tooth whitening treatments such as Zoom! here at the practice. Following an initial consultation and prescription from one of our dentists, we will advise you on the most effective way to whiten your teeth. For best results, we recommend a dental hygiene or Airflow appointment before having tooth whitening. Our airflow polishing system is an excellent way to maintain a white and healthy smile.

Pre, During & Post-Orthodontic Hygienist Treatments

It is vital to ensure excellent levels of oral hygiene before braces and that you can maintain this well throughout your orthodontic treatment. We recommend regular appointments to ensure you are cleaning effectively around your braces to avoid any problems with decay or gum disease once the braces are removed. We will tailor-make a specific oral hygiene plan for you to follow throughout your orthodontic work and recommend regular dental hygiene appointments.

Bad Brace HygieneBrushing with Braces

Pre & Post Implant Hygiene Treatment

It is important to make sure your gums are healthy before starting dental implant treatment. We recommend seeing a hygienist before, during and after you’ve had an implant to maintain a healthy mouth which will promote healing and prevent infections.

All implants need regular maintenance and cleaning, this will either be on a 3 or 6-month basis at Dental Solutions. We have the gold standard cleaning equipment for dental implants which we will use to look after your implant at each dental hygiene appointment. Excellent self-care is essential and we will provide you with a tailor-made oral hygiene routine for you to follow at home.

Special Occasion Treatments

If you have a special occasion just around the corner and want to look your best, we provide pre-party or pre-wedding boosts to ensure you can smile with confidence. If you have light surface staining but aren’t ready for tooth whitening, a quick teeth cleaning can help restore your teeth to their natural colour.

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Michael Sparke
Michael Sparke
Initially I was quite apprehensive about having 2 implants, but upon my consultation with Gavin ., i felt encouraged by his knowledge and advice . The whole experience in a very relaxed atmosphere could not have been any better. I am well impressed by their professionalism and expertise in this Practice and would most certainly give them a Top Class recommendation .
Kay Burton
Kay Burton
I just had my implant fitted today, the whole process was painless, I'm so pleased with everything and would highly recommend Dental solutions, the whole team was fabulous 👌
Mike White
Mike White
The best experience. When you step through the door you are met by the friendliest receptionist,Which continues through the practice. If you want the best dental care and treatments across the board this is where you need to go.
Charlotte Bell
Charlotte Bell
I came to dental solutions with severe anxiety of dentists and Lauren was so helpful, kind and patient with me. For the first time in years I've found a dentist who I feel comfortable with. Thank you
Gill S
Gill S
I had a wisdom tooth extracted by Gavin after having toothache due to my tooth breaking. I was nervous as I had not had a tooth removed by injection before. Gavin was reassuring, explained the procedure fully and it was over quickly with no pain. All staff at the practice are caring, friendly and professional and I have been going for many years. I highly recommend Dental Solutions.
Thank you to Gavin and team at Dental Solutions for the superb dental work done yesterday. As well as being highly professional and very good at what they do the place has a great atmosphere which makes going to the dentist a pleasure.
tracy grensinger
tracy grensinger
Amazing experience. I felt in safe friendly professional hands with all the team . Thank you!
Zoe Manley
Zoe Manley
Can’t speak highly enough of this practice and in particular Lauren. 2 years ago I walked in and was so nervous I cried just as the sight of the chair. Her and the staff have been so patient and understanding and have worked with me to overcome my phobia. This week I had a filling and was absolutely fine, my family couldn’t believe it. Reception staff are lovely and really accommodating too. So glad I found them, I don’t dread the dentist anymore.
David Partridge
David Partridge
A really Five Star Dental Practice! Upon arrival I was greeted by their most friendly welcoming receptionists. it seems nothing is 'too much trouble' to them. Gavin is similarly very friendly and the surgery is kitted out with the most high-tech modern equipment. On my first visit Gavin examined my teeth and explained my options to me giving me his recommendation for treatment and reasons why. Their Co-ordinator prepared a detailed quote for my treatment and went through it in detail with me, ensuring I understood everything; she had plenty of time for me as a patient. From the outset I had complete confidence in entrusting them with my dental care and the final results are truly amazing. Gavin and Richard could not have been more professional and my treatment was made as painless as possible. Dental Solutions provide a truly outstanding service and I thank them for my new 'long lost' smile and renewed confidence, especially when dining out and talking with people. I can't recommend them too highly.
Carole Dodwell
Carole Dodwell
A first class experience from start to finish. Despite being fearful of visiting the dentist, Gavin put me at ease with his gentle unhurried manner. I was surprised at how relaxed I actually felt undergoing treatment for a crown and the removal/replacement of front teeth veneers. Having felt self conscious about my front teeth for a long time, I decided to have my old veneers replaced. The results were amazing and far exceeded my expectations. What Gavin achieved was nothing short of a work of art, boosting my confidence tenfold. The practice itself is very welcoming, the customer service excellent and the staff are all very friendly and kind. I cannot recommend this dental practise highly enough.
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