22nd February 2018

How Often Should I See A Dental Hygienist?

As we get older, it gets harder to ensure our teeth are as clean as can be from brushing and flossing alone. There are some things that only a dental hygienist can do, and getting your teeth hygienically clean is best left to the professionals. One question that we are asked a lot is: how often should I see a dental hygienist? The correct answer will really depend on your individual circumstances and dental health, but as a general rule, you should try to see the dental hygienist every six months. Most people will visit every three months to keep their teeth looking sparkly. Here are some other situations where you might want to book a visit…

Before a Special Occasion

A visit to the dental hygienist can give your teeth an extra sparkle before a big event. If you don’t have time for teeth whitening but still want a confident and bright smile then a quick trip to the dental hygienist might be just the thing you need. The best part about booking a dental hygienist visit with Dental Solutions is that we have a dental hygienist in every day, so we should be able to see you quickly. However, it’s important to understand that there is a difference between cosmetic cleaning and essential hygiene cleaning.

Before or After Orthodontic Treatment

The success of orthodontic treatments often relies on your ability to keep your teeth in great shape for the duration. For many people, this means they’ll need some pointers on cleaning around the hardware. If you’re worried about being able to clean your teeth correctly while you’re wearing fixed braces, then the dental hygienist will be able to give the best advice. And when you’re done with treatment, it’s always nice to get that dentist clean feeling so you can show off your dazzling new smile.

Before or After Dental Implants

Similar to orthodontic treatments, it’s really important that your teeth and gums are in great shape before you invest in dental implants. Keeping them clean with also be a key success factor, so regular trips to the dental hygienist will be essential. Failure to keep them clean can result in a condition called peri-implantitis which can cause the implants to fail. If you want to keep your dental implants in great shape, the dental hygienist can help!

If You Have Gum Problems

Gum problems won’t go away on their own, so if you notice blood in your spit when you brush your teeth, or if you have a strange taste in your mouth, it’s important that you visit the dental hygienist. Your hygienist will be able to advise you on the best way to tackle gum disease and remove any plaque that can aggravate your condition.

If you have a health condition

There is new evidence to suggest that people with specific health conditions are at greater risk for periodontal disease. This includes those with diabetes and cardiovascular disease. If you are unsure, the best step is to visit your hygienist and talk about your health and lifestyle. They will be able to tell you if you’re at risk for any reason.

If you’re pregnant

During pregnancy, your body will experience a lot of hormonal changes which can also have an impact on your oral health. If you experience morning sickness, you are also at risk of damaging your teeth. Pregnant women often like to visit the hygienist every three months to keep something known as pregnancy gingivitis at bay.

Even if you’ve never visited a dental hygienist before in your life, our team will put you at ease and ensure the entire process is pain-free and completely unintimidating. If you want the cleanest teeth in your life, why not book in for a specialist Airflow Teeth Cleaning?

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