All on Four® vs. Traditional Implants

If you have a large gap in your smile, then no doubt you may be considering a dental implant to make your smile whole again. There are several options when it comes to implants and each is effective at solving different dental issues. When it comes to replacing several missing teeth, however, you will likely need to choose between an All on Four® treatment vs. Individual Traditional Implants

When it comes to fixing your smile, both can be extremely effective. But, choosing the right one for you will depend on the severity of the gap in your smile. For that reason, you may want to carefully consider the different pros of an All on Four® treatment for replacing multiple gaps in your smile rather than several individual implants.

Length of Treatment Time 

One of the biggest differences when it comes to All on Four® vs. Traditional Implants is the length of treatment required for each. 

When it comes to an All on Four® treatment the length of the treatment time can be much shorter overall. This is because the roots and teeth are all installed in one sitting. Whereas, if you were seeking several individual implants then you would have to wait between appointments to allow your jaw to heal. This can take weeks or even months, which extends the treatment period significantly. 

Though if you are seeking to only replace one tooth, then a traditional implant treatment length will likely be the same as All on Four®. 

Jaw Bone Structure 

Dental implants require healthy bone in which to place the root of the implant. For All on Four®, this is rarely a problem, as your dental surgeon will select the best areas of your jaw to place the necessary implants. Whereas, a traditional implant requires an implant in a specific position. Meaning the bone there may not be immediately ready for the procedure, requiring the addition of a bone graft and extending the treatment period. Bone grafts are much more commonly needed when placing an individual dental implant. 


If several implants are needed to reconstruct the smile, then you will find yourself paying several times over for the procedure. For patients with most or all of their natural teeth missing, the All on Four® is likely the most economical choice when it comes to restoring a full smile. As although it is a more costly procedure, it can be much more economical to pay for one overarching procedure than several individual implants. 


The typical recovery period for an All on Four® treatment is around one week. During which you will need to eat soft foods and may require some level of pain relief. But, if you choose to have several dental implants instead you create a need for several recovery periods as well.

In some cases, you may find yourself having to stick to a soft diet for as many as 6 weeks after the initial procedure. Which means that time between implants and full recovery of your smile could take months, rather than the one comprehensive procedure for an All on Four® treatment. 

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