Are Dental Implants Safe for my Long-Term Oral Health?

It’s fair to say that none of us go through life with a complete set of teeth. During our lifetimes, we’re likely to lose teeth from decay, gum disease or some form of trauma. Losing teeth can make you feel conscious about your appearance and it can also lead to irregular biting habits. Considering the possible solutions to these types of problems, many patients tend to question the following – “are dental implants safe as a long term solution?”

A dental implant is essentially an artificial tooth that replaces your natural tooth, fixing it using a titanium root in the gum. Here are some reasons why dental implants can be your safe, long term solution to missing teeth.

How are dental implants a safe long term solution?

They are an adequate long-term solution

Dental implants are considered a secure, fixated long term solution for your missing teeth problems. Unlike dentures that have the ability to slip from your teeth, implants are fitted to your jawbone, making them a permanent fixture in your mouth. Around 2-3 months after they’ve been fitted they would have completely healed in your mouth. 

They protect the surrounding teeth

One of the biggest benefits that come from having dental implants is their ability to protect the surrounding teeth around your missing tooth. As the implants replace the structure of the jaw bone, it helps to support the single tooth and saves the surrounding jaw structure from compensating for the gap. This can ensure normal functionality and save the appearance of your natural teeth being risked.

They’re more durable

Dental implants are made from durable materials that are non-corrosive. This means with the right care and maintenance, your implants can be much longer lasting than your alternative teeth restoration treatments. 

They improve your facial and bone features

Dental implants help to preserve your bone and reduce the chances of deterioration that can lead to the loss of jawbone amount. They can also preserve your natural teeth tissue as in some cases, the need to reduce or shave the surrounding teeth to fit the implant isn’t required. Not only does this provide long-term health benefits but it can also improve your facial and bone features for the future.

Dental implants treatment at Dental Solutions

“Are dental implants still a safe, long-term solution for me?”. If you’re still asking yourself this question, here at Dental Solutions we always put our patients first and make sure you’re provided with the best possible solutions for your dental problems. We offer a range of dental implant treatments including individual implants, All on Four, All on Four zygomatic implants,  and denture implants.

Contact us today to arrange your initial consultation and our friendly, well-qualified dental team will be happy to assess your oral health and determine what is the best option for you. 


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