Is it Possible to Receive Invisalign For Bottom Teeth or Top Teeth Only

If you’re looking to improve your smile but feel as though you only need partial treatment, getting Invisalign for bottom teeth or top teeth only could be a consideration for you. This will involve a single arch treatment where you’d only require wearing aligners for one arch of your mouth. This tends to be an option for patients who are looking to rectify a specific problem with their teeth rather than adjusting your entire occlusion (the biting relationship between your lower and upper teeth).

With single arch treatment, you can save on the cost of your Invisalign and reduce the number of aligners you need to use.

How does single arch treatment work?

Traditionally, invisalign treatment involves wearing a pair of aligners for your bottom teeth and top teeth. Single arch treatment simply involves wearing Invisalign for bottom teeth or top teeth only depending on your specific needs.

It’s important to note, however, that not everyone qualifies for single arch treatment and your dentist will only examine this on a case by case basis. They’ll determine if you qualify for it depending on your occlusion (how your teeth bite) and the overall needs that you have in regards to your smile. 

When does Invisalign for bottom teeth or top teeth only work?

A single arch Invisalign tends to be suitable when you only have a few crooked teeth and generally have cosmetic aspects in mind for straightening your teeth and improving the appearance of your smile. If you have issues with cross or overbites, this is where treatment for both arches will be more suitable. 

Single arch treatment tends to be more suitable for the correct the following:

  • Spacing or gaps
  • Slightly crooked front teeth
  • A misaligned tooth
  • Any teeth in your smile zone
  • Any previous orthodontic treatment that didn’t match your needs

Are there any risks to having single arch treatment?

The biting relationship (occlusion) between your top and bottom teeth are very precise when they close against one another. If you do adjust your bite, it can easily change the points where your teeth bite which can cause some teeth to bite harder or higher than others. As a result, you may experience common toothache and tooth wear problems if this isn’t done correctly. This is why the monitoring of your mouth bite is important throughout the treatment.

With single arch Invisalign for your bottom teeth or top teeth only, we’ll ensure that the overall occlusion isn’t affected. As there is only one arch of the mouth that’s being treated, the overall arch of the mouth still needs to be considered. Fortunately, the majority of Invisalign single arch treatments involves adjusting the bottom and lower front teeth which allows movement to still be possible without impacting the opposing teeth.

Making Invisalign simple

The option to have Invisalign for bottom teeth or top teeth only gives you the freedom to choose a treatment that works best for you if you don’t wish to have a full treatment. Adjusting your front teeth can allow you to have a straighter smile that you can show off everyday. 

If you’re looking for Invisalign treatment for your teeth, our treatment starts from £2,000 for single arch treatment. We also use a iTero Intraoral Scanner, which is the latest technology in dentistry that enables our dentists to take 3D impressions of your teeth and gums, easily, safely and without the need for putty impressions.

A free initial consultation with one of our certified Invisalign dentists will enable us to discuss your needs and determine what treatment is suitable for you. Get in touch with us today to book your consultation with our dedicated team!


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