What are the Benefits of Fixed Teen Braces?

Getting braces is almost a rite of passage for many teenagers nowadays, all in a bid to ensure they’ve got beautifully straight smiles as they reach adulthood. However, accessing dental treatment for teens can be frustrating when it comes to the NHS. Perhaps your teenager hasn’t qualified for free orthodontic treatment on the NHS but still wants straightened teeth, or maybe they’ve been placed on an impossibly long waiting list. 


Boy with fixed teen braces.

Why Get Braces as a Teenager?

If it looks like your teenager’s teeth are beginning to grow crooked or not as straight as they’d like, then we’re here to help. Orthodontics doesn’t just improve the aesthetics of a smile – it works to also improve the overall bite. Therefore braces can have a positive effect on your overall health. And what better time to have braces than when your child’s friends and classmates have braces too?

At Dental Solutions, we have an affordable interest-free payment plan that allows you to budget for treatment. For an all-inclusive price of £2,500, your child could be on their way to a straighter smile.


The Benefits of Fixed Teen Braces

Besides creating a lovely smile and improving self-esteem, there are additional benefits to having straight teeth. Improper chewing due to misaligned teeth or bite can also result in uneven wear on the teeth and issues with the jaw. Straighter teeth also makes it easier to chew food; if teeth are severely out of line, they may not be able to play their role in breaking down food as effectively possible. Your teeth are part of a much larger system of muscles and joints that can affect your head, neck and other parts of your body. Because everything in your body is linked, a bad bite could cause other issues without even realising it. For example, teeth that are too crowded or overlapping may cause frequent headaches. 

What’s more, straight teeth can prevent difficulties with speech. If your teeth are out of line or protrude too far forward, it can affect your speaking patterns. When an overbite or underbite gets adjusted, patients can pronounce certain words better. This can also help to prevent snoring problems that can become apparent in the future. Straighter teeth are also much easier to keep clean, especially for adolescents, preventing decay or gum disease issues that may also affect their oral health in the future.


Smile with braces.


Other benefits of getting fixed teen braces with Dental Solutions include:

  • Teeth are regularly checked during treatment time
  • Immediate treatment is available – no waiting lists 
  • They’re easily kept clean with regular brushing and flossing
  • Affordable thanks to our payment plan


All treatments are overseen by Badri Chari who is a specialist Consultant Orthodontist at Stepping Hill Hospital. Badri also lectures in Orthodontics at Manchester University Dental School. 

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If your teenager can’t get an appointment through the NHS, then Dental Solutions can help. Visit the practice to see how we can help to get your teenager’s smile on the right track, for a beautifully straight smile for years to come at an affordable price, with payment plans and Interest Free Credit if required. You can book a completely free consultation by contacting our friendly and helpful team on 01925 756565 or book through this link: https://gavinismydentist.com/booking


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