6th September 2023

Considering a smile makeover? Here’s what you need to know

Many people are self-conscious about the way their smile looks, which can make them insecure about showing their teeth, both in person and in pictures. 

We believe that everyone deserves to be confident in speaking, smiling, and laughing naturally – which is why we offer custom smile makeovers at Dental Solutions!

Your self-esteem doesn’t have to suffer when cosmetic dental problems can be fixed with a bespoke step-by-step treatment plan. Using a variety of techniques tailored to your needs, we can create the smile you always wished you had.

Whether you just want your smile to be straighter and whiter or you have gaps and chips that need to be filled in, one of our personalised smile makeovers could help.

Here’s what you should know about smile makeovers.

Smile Makeover

What is a smile makeover?

Put simply, a smile makeover is a process that transforms the appearance of your teeth, improving your smile through a selection of cosmetic dentistry procedures.

If there are any aspects of your smile that you are currently unhappy with, a smile makeover can design a new smile that’s healthier and more aesthetically pleasing, while maintaining the aspects that you do like and want to keep.

The steps involved in a smile makeover can vary, depending on the desired results and the procedures required to achieve them, but most include the following:

  • Straightening teeth – Aligning any crooked teeth is the first step, using fixed braces or removable aligners to rotate and guide misaligned teeth into the correct position. 
  • Whitening teeth – When your existing natural teeth are in their proper places, discolouration is lightened or removed through professional teeth whitening and air abrasion.
  • Restoring damaged teeth – Any chipped, broken, or missing teeth can be restored or replaced to match your natural teeth with crowns, bonding, veneers, or dental implants.

There is a wide range of elements that can affect a smile makeover, as the best treatment plan for you depends on individual factors – from the condition, shape, size, and colour of your teeth to the condition of your gum tissue and jawbones.  

A smile makeover consultation will be required first to assess these factors and discuss the way you want your new smile to look. This will include taking X-rays and creating digital models of your teeth to help design the transformation and necessary treatment plan.

A smile makeover can include as many or as few treatments as you like – at Dental Solutions, we would never encourage a patient to undergo more treatments than they need to achieve their desired smile.

How long does a smile makeover take?

Just like every person’s smile is unique, so is every smile makeover. There is no standard timeframe for a smile makeover because the number of steps and the procedures carried out at each stage will depend on the patient.

High-quality results can’t be rushed, so it’s important to be patient when planning your smile makeover design and the treatments it will involve. 

When multiple treatments are required, dentists will always schedule them in the most logical order to ensure their success and longevity. In some cases, if the patient has oral health issues such as gum disease or tooth decay, these will need treating first.

The scale and complexity of the patient’s dental issues will affect the length of their treatment plan, as the duration of a smile makeover can be anything from one or two visits to several months, or even a year or more for severe cases.

For example, if your teeth are mostly fine but some have uneven or chipped edges, they could be restored with composite bonding in a single sitting.

Or, if your teeth are only a little crooked and discoloured, a few months of Invisalign and a couple of weeks of teeth whitening can transform your smile easily. 

However, if your teeth are seriously misaligned or you have several missing teeth, remedying this could require orthodontic braces and/or dental implant surgery, which could take six months or more to complete.

When you attend a consultation at Dental Solutions, our dentists will always explain treatment options in full detail, including their duration, to inform your final decision on the combination of cosmetic dental treatments you would like. 

You can also learn more about the timeframes for different types of dental treatment by reading their pages on the Dental Solutions website.

Everything you need to know about smile makeovers

Smile makeover without braces

If you want a smile makeover to get straighter teeth, but don’t want to have to wear fixed braces, that’s understandable. Adult patients especially prefer a more discreet solution than the ‘train track’ look associated with teenagers who wear braces.

Not to worry – even if your teeth require fixed braces to correct a more severe misalignment, we offer less visible alternatives to metal brackets. Clear plastic or tooth-coloured ceramic brackets are available, which blend in better with the teeth.

If you don’t want braces on the front of your teeth, you could opt for lingual braces, which are fixed to the back of the teeth instead, hiding them from view when you smile.

If you would rather not wear any type of braces at all, you could be eligible for Invisalign instead. This treatment straightens teeth gradually using a series of transparent aligners, which are worn most of the time but can be removed for eating and drinking.

Many patients prefer Invisalign because the clear plastic makes the aligners practically invisible, and you have the freedom to eat what you want when you take them out.

Some purely cosmetic issues could be fixed without needing teeth straightening treatment at all. For example, a gap between teeth could be disguised with dental bonding, or slightly uneven front teeth could be covered with veneers.

Our dentist can tell you which options are viable and which treatments would achieve the best results following an assessment of your teeth.

Smile makeover without veneers

Porcelain or ceramic veneers are a popular choice for giving flawed front teeth a quick makeover, but not every patient will want to undergo this irreversible procedure. 

Once enamel is removed to fit the veneers, it won’t grow back – so, while porcelain veneers can last up to 10 years, you’ll have to keep replacing them throughout your life.

If you don’t want to commit to that and would prefer a semi-permanent solution that leaves you with more options in the future, it’s possible to get a smile makeover without veneers by choosing composite bonding instead.

This involves sculpting composite resin to a tooth to adjust its shape, size, and/or colour (typically after the tooth has already been whitened).

Also known as dental bonding, this method can be used to correct misshapen teeth and fill in gaps or chips quickly in a non-invasive way – all without traditional veneers or braces.

Depending on the condition of your teeth, you may not even need bonding to improve the aesthetics of your teeth. A smile that’s already straight but not in the best state – for example, some cavities and staining – could be made over with white fillings and teeth whitening.

Some patients may simply want surface stain removal and polishing to whiten and brighten their smile. We’re happy to oblige at Dental Solutions, where we also carry out ‘mini smile makeovers’ that involve a couple of minor cosmetic treatments in a few appointments, rather than several successive treatments over multiple months.

Everything you need to know about smile makeovers - Dental Solutions

Smile makeovers in Warrington

Wondering whether a smile makeover in Warrington is the solution you need to refresh your unsatisfactory smile? Come to us for a consultation and find out!

At Dental Solutions in Lymm, our highly qualified team uses the latest dental technology and is passionate about helping each patient to restore their smiles and the confidence they’ve been lacking for too long.

Take a look through our patient testimonials to discover how our smile makeovers have changed the lives of our previous patients, and see for yourself what our treatments can do to transform the way your teeth look and function.

Don’t delay getting your dream smile any longer – reach out by calling 01925 756 565 to book your smile makeover consultation and start your journey towards a happier you.

If you have any questions about our smile makeovers or pricing, please email your queries to [email protected] and we’ll get back to you.

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Michael Sparke
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I just had my implant fitted today, the whole process was painless, I'm so pleased with everything and would highly recommend Dental solutions, the whole team was fabulous 👌
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tracy grensinger
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Zoe Manley
Can’t speak highly enough of this practice and in particular Lauren. 2 years ago I walked in and was so nervous I cried just as the sight of the chair. Her and the staff have been so patient and understanding and have worked with me to overcome my phobia. This week I had a filling and was absolutely fine, my family couldn’t believe it. Reception staff are lovely and really accommodating too. So glad I found them, I don’t dread the dentist anymore.
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David Partridge
A really Five Star Dental Practice! Upon arrival I was greeted by their most friendly welcoming receptionists. it seems nothing is 'too much trouble' to them. Gavin is similarly very friendly and the surgery is kitted out with the most high-tech modern equipment. On my first visit Gavin examined my teeth and explained my options to me giving me his recommendation for treatment and reasons why. Their Co-ordinator prepared a detailed quote for my treatment and went through it in detail with me, ensuring I understood everything; she had plenty of time for me as a patient. From the outset I had complete confidence in entrusting them with my dental care and the final results are truly amazing. Gavin and Richard could not have been more professional and my treatment was made as painless as possible. Dental Solutions provide a truly outstanding service and I thank them for my new 'long lost' smile and renewed confidence, especially when dining out and talking with people. I can't recommend them too highly.
Carole Dodwell
Carole Dodwell
A first class experience from start to finish. Despite being fearful of visiting the dentist, Gavin put me at ease with his gentle unhurried manner. I was surprised at how relaxed I actually felt undergoing treatment for a crown and the removal/replacement of front teeth veneers. Having felt self conscious about my front teeth for a long time, I decided to have my old veneers replaced. The results were amazing and far exceeded my expectations. What Gavin achieved was nothing short of a work of art, boosting my confidence tenfold. The practice itself is very welcoming, the customer service excellent and the staff are all very friendly and kind. I cannot recommend this dental practise highly enough.
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