Tired of loose-fitting dentures? Denture implants could be for you! Denture implants are a great alternative to removable dentures. Dentures are often the only option available for replacing missing teeth. However, some people dislike the maintenance involved with more traditional dentures.

A revolutionary solution for those with missing teeth, there are a number of different implant solutions: individual dental implants, zygomatic implants, and All on Four implants. Denture implants are ideal for those who have already lost several teeth and require dentures, or already have dentures but are struggling with their fit and function.

Our Denture Implant Package Includes:

  • 30-minute consultation with Gavin Laidlaw BDS Principal Dentist and Nicola Corless, Implant Treatment Facilitator.
  • All clinical records, X-Rays and photography.
  • State of the art denture and implant connectors.
  • Implant Surgery with Richard Brookshaw and his clinical team.
  • All pre and post operative medications.
  • All review appointments for 12 months post surgery.
  • All laboratory fees covered for 12 months post surgery.

N.B. This offer does not include any cost of sedation.

What Are Implant Retained Dentures?

Implant retained dentures are a type of denture that attach to specially designed implants to hold them in place. You might hear them referred to as snap-in dentures or click-in dentures. Traditional removable dentures will be held in place by suction and specialist adhesives, but implant retained dentures are attached to small implants which are placed in the jawbone. This means they are much more secure and will allow you to talk confidently and eat most foods.

As they are attached to dental implants set in the jaw, they will also be much smaller than traditional removable dentures. This means you will have fewer issues with speaking, eating and swallowing.

What Are the Advantages of Denture Implants?

With an implant procedure, there are a number of additional benefits for your smile that you should also be aware of.  These include:-

  • No need for denture adhesive.
  • Denture implants allow you to eat the foods you enjoy.
  • No choking or gagging due to bulky dentures.
  • No more social anxiety when eating around others.
  • Denture implants are secure and comfortable.
  • No more embarrassing moments caused by ill-fitting dentures.
  • Helps to maintain the jaw bone and face structure.
  • Can prevent wrinkles around the mouth.

Denture Implant FAQs

Meet The Expert: Richard Brookshaw

Richard Brookshaw

As with all of our implant procedures and team as a whole, your denture implant will be overseen by our fantastic Richard Brookshaw. With extensive experience in placing implants, as well as teaching others, you couldn’t be in safer hands. He has dealt with over 5,000 implant cases so far in his career!

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