7th May 2021

Jillian’s Story – Zygomatic Implants… in Her Own Words

Hi, my name is Jillian, this is my journey of treatment at Dental Solutions with Zygomatic implants. As a young girl in the 1960’s, I was given antibiotics that made my second teeth come through discoloured. At the age of 21, I had veneers which lasted till I was 28, then I had my teeth crowned. At the age of 45, the caps became loose, so I had to lose my front top teeth, followed by many more which meant me to have to have a palate or denture which was heartbreaking to me. I hated having my photo taken as I hated my smile. Going out for meals was ok but I just hated that after I’d eaten I had to go to the bathroom to clean and replace the glue on my palate- it really got me down.

I have a job working with the public and hated the way my face had sunken in and my top lip was virtually non-existent. I looked old!! I had enquired about implants when I first lost my teeth but was told I did not have enough bone to secure them. I just thought this is it for the rest of my life.

Then I stumbled over Gavin My Dentist web site! Reading about zygomatic implants got me excited so I booked a consultation with Gavin. After having a scan Gavin gave me the news that Richard could do this procedure for me. I was so excited I went home and cried. In January 2019 we started my implant journey.

I was introduced to Nicky the implant coordinator who was fab and really friendly- putting me at ease as it is a big procedure to have done. There were some questions I asked but couldn’t be answered precisely as everyone is different and you need to have personal experience of the procedure. Which gave me an idea of writing a blog about My Zygomatic journey.

Day of Surgery

Arrived at Dental Solutions at 8 am feeling apprehensive and excited at the same time.

I’m not one for needles, injections just one of those things I hate personally but all my fears were pushed aside by the team. The sedation was great as when I came round after the first part of the completed procedure I didn’t have any recollection of what had just happened.

I was then taken into a comfy room to come round after my sleep and waited there for my bridge to be made which was then successfully fitted by Richard Brookshaw who had also performed my surgery. As advised when I got home I started taking over the counter pain killers and anti-inflammatories. I found it hard to drink at first due to the numbness in my mouth but managed in the end.

The pictures below are before surgery and after surgery

Surgery Before and After

Day One Post-Surgery

Slept ok. Woke up in the night to my cheek bone aching so I took more painkillers and anti- inflammatories which helped. My face had started to swell, and the bruising had started to come out already- whether that was due to me applying Arnicare cream yesterday when I came home. There was a little more movement in my jaw so drinking and eating was better as I hardly had any movement the day of surgery. I had a few headaches which I was told to expect. Eating was ok I just had soup and mousse as my appetite was not that good. The picture below is the morning

Day Two Post-Surgery

Slept much better didn’t wake up for pain killers. My face had swollen up more especially on the right side, so I iced packed it for 10 minutes every hour. The bruising had come out more but mainly on my cheeks and lower jaw but I’m still applying the arnicare cream.

You can see that my face has started to swell, and the bruising has started to come out.

Day 3 Post Surgery

Another disturbed night due to swelling and incredible thirst.

Didn’t have a good day as I was sleeping a lot for some reason or other.

The stiffness had seemed to ease from my jaw so I had lots more movement, but the swelling had started to travel towards my neck which was uncomfortable it felt like I had swollen glands. The bruising and swelling really came out today as you can see.

Day 4 Post-Surgery

Feeling ok sleeping normal now stopped taking all pain killers as I felt I did not need them.

Still keeping to a soft diet of rice, pasta, soup etc.

Bruising starting to fade and swelling going down and feeling more like myself.

I found brushing my teeth with my electric toothbrush was a little too much on my new bridge, so I just bought a soft manual one but used it on my bottom ones.

Days 5, 6, 7

Everything getting back to normal now- swelling and bruising have totally gone

In Summary

The feeling of having teeth firmly in my mouth is the most amazing feeling ever

I cannot describe how good it feels and how much more confident I have become.

At first, I was a little shy about them but now it just the most amazing feeling I can’t stop smiling. I did find it a little strange to talk but by slowing down my speech and trying to pronounce my words more it helped as sometimes a slight lisp pops out.

The difference it has made to my face is unbelievable. They say it’s a dental facelift and they are not wrong. I have had lots of positive comments from my clients saying I look 10 years younger and believe me I’m buzzing. I went out for a meal and not having to leave the table to go and make sure my denture was ok was just wonderful.

Going on holiday 5 weeks later was great- no more denture glue in the plastic bag going through check-in feeling embarrassed.

These are some of my after photos:

I am now 6 weeks post-surgery, and everything is great. I am still only eating soft foods as advised for the first months. I had my first hygienist appointment the other day and she showed how to clean my bridge with a Waterpik water flosser which is amazing.

The bridge I have now is only temporary for six months while everything heals and settles down. I hope that this has helped you if you are thinking of going through this procedure.

It’s the best thing that I have ever done!!!

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