30th March 2022

A Look At Dental Solutions’ Dedicated Implant Suite

Finding the right dental solution for your situation is often a complicated process. Especially as there are a number of procedures, dentists and varying costs for you to consider before settling on one that fits your needs. If you do end up choosing the process of dental implants then you want to know that you are choosing an expert team that can support you through every step of the process.

Here at Dental Solutions, our team has extensive experience in a number of implant procedures; including, the complicated procedure of zygomatic dental implants. All of our procedures are performed in our dedicated, state of the art, dental implant suite right here next door to our Lymm practice.

What are Implants?

A missing tooth can present a feeling of embarrassment, but it is possible to replace a missing tooth with a dental implant. The implant process begins with placing a titanium root in the gum where the natural roots would have been. After a short healing period, a porcelain tooth is then bonded to it.

Dental implants are a versatile solution to a number of dental issues. Whether you are looking to replace a single tooth or create a foundation for a fully fitted denture.

Here at Dental Solutions, all of our products are of premium quality from Nobel Biocare. This way you can be assured of the high-quality of your dental implants.

Dental Solutions Implant Suite

At Dental Solutions, we understand how much of a big decision dental implants can be. With that in mind, our dedicated implants suite is designed with the comfort of you, the patient, in mind.

For that reason, the suite comes with a relaxation area. Designed for after the procedure, this is an area where you can recover from your surgery at your leisure. Our practice is nervous patient approved and for this reason, we take your comfort and nerves extremely seriously. The dental implant room itself is also designed for both your comfort and with all of the state of the art equipment the team needs to perform what can be a complicated procedure. We can also offer conscious sedation for certain implant procedures with our consultant anaesthetist Patrick Waits.

Our dental implant team is led by Richard Brookshaw, our dedicated implant surgeon and experienced mentor, who has great experience in placing dental implants – 5,000 so far and still counting! His experience has also included more complex procedures, which have included bone grafts and sinus lifts. The type of implants available includes individual dental implants, Zygomatic dental implants, same day teeth, All on Four dental implants and denture implants.

So, with such a wealth of experience in our implants team, you are guaranteed the best treatment. Combined with the fact that our dedicated implant suite is designed in every way to ensure your dental implant procedure is as smooth and stress-free as possible for you, with guaranteed amazing results.

If you are considering a dental implant, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team, either by filling out the contact form or by calling on 01925 756565.

Alternatively, you can also book a free 30-minute consultation with our Principal Dentist Gavin Laidlaw during our Dental Implant Open Day. From 4 pm to 8 pm on Tuesday 15th May, our practice is open for those considering dental implants to get a chance to speak to staff and take a tour of this dedicated dental suite. We also include a goodie bag and refreshments, to ensure you have the right information to take away with you.

If you are feeling unsure, nervous, or just want to find out more, then our Open Day is a great chance to learn more about the procedure.

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