6th June 2022

Losing Your Teeth Through Dental Injuries In Sports: Implants And Mouthguards

Getting injured while playing sports is usually a given, particularly if you’re engaging in high-contact sports like rugby or football. However, dental injuries in sports can be especially painful, not to mention detrimental to your oral health. Thankfully, modern dentistry can now prevent, repair or replace most injuries sustained through sports.

The Risks to Teeth in Contact Sports

All sport carries with it some risk to oral health. Athletes in contact sports are at a significant risk for traumatic injury to their teeth. The most common dental injuries in sports are as follows:

Cracked Tooth

A cracked tooth is far more likely to happen to athletes who don’t wear a mouthguard to protect their teeth. Not only can this be aesthetically displeasing and painful, but it can also cause long-term problems when left untreated. You will often be able to tell if you’ve got a cracked tooth by visible lines in the enamel. They may begin at the crown of the tooth and extend downward. A cracked tooth can also be discovered after a regular dental check-up. It is treated by either extracting and replacing the tooth or with root canal treatment and a crown to protect the damaged tooth.

Fractured Roots

A dental injury sustained during sports isn’t only limited to the crown, the problem can occur much deeper. It’s possible that a strike to the mouth can result in a fractured root. An injury like this is usually invisible to the eye as the crack begins in the root. So, the problem may only be discovered if it becomes infected. The treatment in this case is to extract the tooth, and replace with an implant, denture or bridge depending on the area of the mouth and other factors.

Replacing a Lost Tooth

It’s possible that your tooth may be knocked out during high-contact sports. In these instances, it would need to be replaced – typically with dental implants in Warrington, otherwise with a denture or bridge (if this is possible). With implants, a titanium root is placed in the gum where the natural root would have been. Then, a porcelain tooth is used to replace the missing one to create a new, strong, natural looking tooth.

Do Mouthguards Actually Prevent Dental Injuries in Sports?

As we all know, prevention is better than cure. Mouthguards are an extremely effective way of protecting the teeth whenever an athlete steps out onto the field. Beware of buying over the counter mouthguards which are can be ill-fitting (and therefore offer less protection), uncomfortable and may impede breathing. Our dentists will take a precise mould of your teeth to ensure that your mouthguard fits perfectly and comfortably in your mouth, which should then be worn during any sports. We even offer a range of colours and patterns to show your team additional support! Names can be printed onto the mouthguard too.

It’s been estimated that 600,000 Accident and Emergency hospital visits in the UK each year involve dental injuries in sports – a figure which could be dramatically decreased with the right mouthguard.

Tooth Loss Treatment at Dental Solutions

Here at Dental Solutions, we’re on hand to help if you’ve experienced tooth loss or a damaged tooth. Our experienced dentists can replace or reconstruct your tooth with a natural look that will restore your confidence. We can also create mouthguards to prevent an injury altogether. For more information, don’t hesitate to get in touch on 01925 756565 or book a completely free consultation directly through this link: https://gavinismydentist.com/booking.

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