6th May 2022

What You Need to Know Before Purchasing a Mouth Guard to Stop Snoring

Snoring at night isn’t usually something that we become aware of until our partner comments on it. It can be rather embarrassing for some when they discover they’ve been keeping their partner up through their loud snoring. If it’s a problem that you have, a snoring mouth guard may be the solution for you.

The problem is, there are so many different snoring solutions out there it can be difficult to understand which one is best. Furthermore, they are sold under many names you might not be familiar with. If you’re unsure about what you’re looking for, here are the facts you need to know about finding the best mouth guard to stop snoring.

How the mouthpiece works

There can be several reasons why you’re snoring at night. One of the most common reasons is when the tongue drops towards the back of your throat. A mouthpiece can help to resolve this issue by applying light tension to the lower jaw and pulling the tongue forward. This helps to clear the airway and prevent sound being heard.

The differences between a snoring mouthpiece, snoring mouthguard and anti-snoring braces

Snoring mouthpiece

Here at Dental Solutions we recommend a snoring mouthpiece, technically named as a mandibular advancement device, is considered the common form of solution to stop your snoring issues. It prevents your airway from becoming blocked by your tongue falling to the back of your throat. It does so by applying slight tension on your lower jaw muscles and gently pushes them forward slightly. Your tongue is attached to the lower jaw, so when the lower jaw is pushed forward, so does the tongue, clearing the airways and preventing a blockage.

Snoring mouthguard

The snoring mouthguard is slightly different in function when it’s compared to a snoring mouthpiece. A mouth guard is considered more of a “mouth shield” and prevents the throat and soft tissues muscles located at the back of the mouth from vibrating – this issue is more commonly known as “mouth snoring”.

It’s shape is similar to what a boxer wears during matches, except the design is far slimmer. It fits in the mouth by surrounding the upper teeth in the mouth, loosely fitted for a comfortable fit. This means you won’t be disturbed or feel discomfort whilst you sleep. There’s also no risk of choking as the appliance is too large to do so.

Anti-snoring braces

The purpose of an anti-snoring brace caters to those who snore in any position they sleep in, even when the mouth is closed (retrovelar snoring). The difference with an anti-snoring brace is that the device is bow-shaped and covered in silicone. It’s fitted at the back of the mouth to put the palatal arch under slight pressure and prevents the issue of mouth snoring.

Difference in function between the devices

Whilst each of the devices still have the same purpose, their functionality can be slightly different when it comes to how they’re fitted. If you’re purchasing a mouth guard to stop snoring, it’s useful to know that they can work in two ways: using traction or applying pressure in the mouth.

Using pull effect

Devices that use a pull effect are typically comfortable in their fitting as they’re considered rather flexible. Typically, they’re designed using elastic strips or plastic spacers and prevent snoring by applying light tension to the mandible to bring the jaw forward and prevent the tongue from slipping towards the back of the throat.

Using pressure

For mandibular devices that apply pressure, they aim to move the jaw forward using a connection in the device that’s either in the form of a tight-screw or plug connection. This is a fixed connection which means once the device is in place, the lower jaw cannot be moved and the tissue instantly becomes tense.

Different fits for mouth guards to stop snoring – Boil ‘n’ Bite vs. Custom-Made

The fitting of your mouth device needs to be as comfortable as possible and there are two possible options that can help you to achieve this.

Boil ‘n’ Bite Devices

Due to the functionality of a boil ‘n’ bite device and how it’s fitted, this is the cheapest option for patients. This is because you’re required to fit the device yourself. As pretty much explained in the name, the device is required to warm up in a hot water bath until it becomes malleable. The mouthpiece can then be put in the mouth and needs biting down on to make a mould of your jaw once it hardens. This produces an impression of your teeth to fit your mouthpiece.

However, as is the case for boil n bite sports mouthguards, these DIY devices rarely work as they use inferior materials and are not custom fitted by experts.

Custom-Made Fit

With a custom-made fit, the work is done by the dentist who takes an impression of your teeth and then creates the anti-snoring device accordingly, considering the patient’s unique dentition and bite. Beneficially, a custom-made fit can mould your teeth precisely and fit to the particularities of your mouth. This can make the mould extremely effective and comfortable.

Essential oral hygiene care

Whichever option you think is suitable for you, one common factor that applies to both appliances is making sure you apply good oral hygiene when you wear them. When food particles are left surrounding the mouth at night, it makes it easy for oral flora bacteria to form. The snoring mouthpiece can also make it a perfect environment for the bacteria to populate, leading to eventual teeth decay.

To prevent this, brush your teeth and snoring device daily after use. There are several cleaning methods that you can use including gels, cleaning brushes and dissolving tablets. It is important, however, you don’t use products that are too aggressive and damage the snoring pieces.

If you suffer from snoring, we can help you here at Dental Solutions. We can explain the pros and cons of choosing a mouthguard to stop snoring, and to help you to understand whether it’s the best option for you. Contact us today or book an appointment with us to discuss your options.

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