10th January 2018

Richard Brookshaw – A Dental Implant Story

Richard Brookshaw is one of a handful of surgeons in the UK who regularly perform the highly complex zygoma implant procedure. He is currently studying for his PhD in this area, specifically the treatment of patients with Atrophic Maxilla using the zygoma bone for anchorage of dental implants.

You might wonder about the difference between a Zygomatic Implant and a normal dental implant. The answer is that the former is longer and is placed diagonally into the cheek bone (zygoma), to make use of the extra bone here. When there is not enough bone in the upper maxillary jawbone you can still place zygomatic implants. This specific type of dental implant treatment is carried by our skilled implant surgeon.

Richard lectures all over the world to other dentists, including at the biggest dentistry show in the world. This was attended by over 150,000 dentists and recently held at IDS Cologne over 3 days. Richard taught sessions on behalf of Nobel Biocare on the All -on- 4 implant procedure across 3 days.

He also lectured at Euro Perio in June 2015 held at the ExCel London, and delivered a masterclass to delegates on implants at Nobel Biocare Team Congress in London.

Richard runs CADE courses in Manchester and London for dentists wishing to learn how to place dental implants. This is a year- long training programme for qualified dentists, covering the A-Z of performing straightforward implant surgery which includes planning, case assessment, the surgical implant procedure itself and restoration, as well as aftercare.

In March 2016 Richard was invited by Nobel Biocare to present to 59 Oral Surgeons, Dentists and Clinical Dental Technicians who came from all over North West England to attend a quarterly study group in Lymm. Richard’s lecture was entitled ‘Mastering complicated surgical cases using CBCT, 3D Modelling and Zygoma implants.’

Dental implant surgeons dealing with patients who have little bone left in the upper jaw (Maxilla), are usually left with only a few surgical options:

Option 1: Use wide and short implants.

Option 2: Sinus grafting- add bone to the upper jaw in the area of the molars and premolars.

Each technique has its own advantages and inconveniences. Because of the disadvantages of the options previously mentioned, newer treatments have been adopted such as Zygomatic Implants.

We believe that the taller the implant the better the surface area. The better the surface area, the better the bone integration. Placing taller implants is precision placement.

Richard Brookshaw is one of a handful of implantologists in the country that perform this type of implant surgery. We at Dental Solutions Lymm, believe that doing this type of surgery is less traumatic, provides faster healing, minimal medication, immediate loading and can be facilitated with this technique.

New dental technologies can be used in complex cases where the treatment is planned virtually to produce a surgical template to place the implants in a precise pre-determined position. This process, in conjunction with zygomatic implants and the Same Day Teeth technique, allow patients, no matter the severity of bone atrophy, to be treated with immediate functional loading in a single surgical procedure.

With this, Richard Brookshaw offers new hope for a large population of patients needing dental implants in Warrington.

To book an appointment with Richard Brookshaw, get in touch with the team on 01925 756565.

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