27th April 2020

5 Natural Remedies For Bad Breath To Try At Home

It can be an uncomfortable experience discovering your breath isn’t as fresh as it could be. Although you may not be having too much interaction with others at the moment, it’s still important that you take care of your oral health at home. You’re unlikely to be able to attend your local dentist for a while, so now’s the time to think of alternative natural remedies for bad breath to try at home.

Many items you can try are found hiding in your cupboards. So, if you feel you have an issue with bad breath, here are 5 natural remedies to try at home.

Natural Remedies for Bad Breath

1. Rinsing Your Mouth With Salt Water

One of the first methods on the list is a simple, cost effective way to reduce your bad breath. Salt water rinses help to tackle bacteria and wash away any awkward foods that have lingered in between your teeth. They can be a great alternative to alcohol based mouthwashes that are sensitive on your teeth.

Once you’ve brushed and flossed, add salt to some warm water and mix it together. Move the solution around your mouth for about 30 seconds and continue to repeat until you feel your mouth has had a good rinse.

2. Using Apple Cider Vinegar

It may not seem as the most appealing method, but using apple cider vinegar as a natural remedy for bad breath is another great alternative to try. This is because it’s known for balancing PH levels, making it a perfect solution to your bad breath problems.

The best way to take it is to add a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar to a glass of water. Have this before any meals that you have and feel it work wonders for your digestive system and for treating your bad breath. Alternatively, you can also gargle the water after adding some vinegar to it.

3. Lemon Juice

Although the sour taste isn’t for everyone, chewing on a lemon rind can be great in freshening your breath. On top of that, it adds a freshness to the smell. The citric qualities found in a lemon can promote saliva production in your mouth, fighting off the bad breath in the process.

Another way you can make the most of the lemon juice is making a mouth rinse from it. Add the lemon juice to a cup of water and rinse your mouth with the solution.

4. Cinnamon

As natural remedies for bad breath go, cinnamon can be one of the most effective. This is because there is an essential oil in it called ‘cinnamic aldehyde’. This property helps to kill the bacteria in the mouth and covers up the bad smell in your breath.

The best method to take the remedy is adding cinnamon powder into a pot of boiling water, and including bay leaves and cardamom seeds. Strain the water to remove the excess leaves and seeds and use the water to rinse your mouth twice a day.

5. Baking Soda

To make an alternative mouthwash solution that’s as close to an alcohol-free mixture, using baking soda can help to achieve just that. Baking soda has qualities to help control the acidity levels in your mouth and fight off any odour that might linger in your mouth.

To use baking soda as one of the natural remedies for bad breath, add a teaspoon of it to one cup of water. Include a few drops of peppermint essential oil that has antimicrobial properties to kill the growth of microorganisms in your mouth.

The tips above can lead the way to healthier and fresher smelling breath. If you find that the problem still persists after consistently trying these natural remedies, there could be a more underlying condition to your problems.

Once the practice is open again, contact us to book a consultation where we can look deeper into the issue.

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