All On 4 Dental Implants

All-on-4 Dental Implants

Here at Dental Solutions, we are proud to offer All On 4 implants at our Lymm, Cheshire practice. This means that you can walk out with new teeth on the same day. 

All On 4 dental implants use four dental implants which support a fixed bridge. So, rather than having to take out a denture, you have a solid base with teeth that you don’t need to remove and clean.

All on 4 Implants: Our Patient Stories 

Why Choose All On 4 Dental Implants? 

All On 4 implants are very natural in terms of their look and feel. They are completely secure, meaning that you no longer need to avoid your favourite foods or worry about removing your dentures before eating or drinking. 

All On 4 dental implants help to maintain your jaw bone structure. This means that you can avoid the sunken appearance you might experience whilst wearing traditional dentures. Implant retained dentures, such as All On 4 dental implants, help to restore your confidence and allow you to smile again!

The All On 4 Implant Procedure Explained

All-on-4 Procedure

All On 4 Dental Implants are placed into the gum, under local anaesthetic. Then, a titanium peg is used to create a ‘virtual root’, to which anything from a single tooth to a complete set of new replacement teeth can be attached. With All On 4 dental implants, four anchor implants are placed into the jaw and these are then used to attach a permanently fixed bridge. All On Four treatment means that you no longer need to remove your teeth to clean them. It also means that you no longer need to deal with the discomfort and irritation that can come with poorly fitted dentures. 

All On Four dental implants mean that new teeth can be fitted on the same day, with the treatment often referred to as Same Day Teeth. Our on-site technician allows us to customise your All On 4 dental implants and create the bridge without the need of sending it away to a laboratory. This not only saves time but means that you don’t need to leave our practice with gaps in your teeth!

All On 4 Implant Packages

Do you have loose, uncomfortable dentures? If you’re tired of dealing with poor-fitting dentures, then our All On Four treatment could be the perfect dental treatment for you. Here at Dental Solutions, we have a fantastic All On Four dental implant package. This package includes everything you need to leave our practice with a full smile.

  • We offer a 30-minute initial consultation for treatment suitability with Gavin Laidlaw BDS Principal Dentist, at our regular implant and All-on-4 events.
  • All clinical records, X-Rays and photography
  • 1st and 2nd fixed bridge work
  • Implant Surgery with Richard Brookshaw
  • All pre and postoperative medications
  • All laboratory fees are covered for 12 months post surgery (All on Four only)
  • *N.B. Our All on Four and Implant retained dentures offers do not include the cost of sedation.

All on Four FAQs

All on 4 FAQs

Your temporary bridge will be fitted on the same day so there is no need to ever feel that you will be without teeth. However your total treatment, which includes healing to allow for the permanent bridge to be fitted, take between 6-8 months. Gavin Laidlaw our Principal dentist will work with you to create your new smile using the best shade, shape and size of teeth to look completely natural. We will ask you to bring along some old photos of you smiling to help us to create this.

Just a chat - there are no procedures at your first free consultation. We just sit and talk to you and get a better understanding of your situation. You have a choice - you can either meet with Gavin Laidlaw our Principal Dentist, or you can meet with our Implant Facilitator Nicola Corless  who will be looking after you throughout the treatment process.

You will need to be with us for about 6 hours in total, which usually includes 2 hours for preparation, 2 hours of treatment and 2 hours relaxing in the separate recovery area in our dedicated implant suite.

Yes, of course. We have a range of payment options to suit you, including interest-free credit over 10 months and interest-bearing rates over 3-5 years. Our treatment facilitator Nicky can discuss all these different options with you.

It very much depends on the type of work you do and how physical it is. Typically we would recommend at least 2 days, but up to a week is advisable, but not always needed.

For an initial period of 8-12 weeks whilst healing is in progress we recommend eating soft foods such as pasta, fish, chicken, cottage pie, sandwiches. During this period we would ask you to avoid eating nuts, crusty bread and pizzas. Once treatment is complete you can eat completely normally again.

What Does Dental Solutions Offer All on Four Dental Implant Patients?

  • We have worked together as a very close-knit team for over 15 years and, in that time, we have placed and restored thousands of All On 4 implants.
  • We are highly trained, and nothing we see would ever worry or shock us – we can help you.
  • We take our time, we listen and we are always at the end of a phone if you need us.
  • There are no hidden costs- the price we quote to you is the price you pay. There are no nasty surprises.
  • We guarantee that you are always in control and that your treatment will be pain free.
  • We have a dedicated, stand alone implant suite with its own recovery area.
  • We also have a volunteer group of patients that you can speak to who have been through our All On 4 dental implant treatment before. You can also speak to them if you have any questions or concerns prior to your procedure.
  • All the team experience information including Richard Brookshaw and Gavin Laidlaw is already on the website for inclusion.

Richard Brookshaw - Our All On 4 Dental Implant Surgeon

Our team here at Dental Solutions have been placing All On 4 dental implants in Cheshire for the last 10 years. We have a bespoke dental implant here at the practice, which means that you can have all of your treatment done in one place. This means there is little waiting around and disruption between your implant placement and prosthetic fitting. When you are having your All On 4 implants, you’re sure to feel right at home with our dedicated implants team. 

Richard Brookshaw BDS, M. Med Sci performs the All On 4 dental implants here at Dental Solutions, Cheshire. Richard is an honorary teaching fellow for Manchester University and is highly experienced in fitting dental implants, even in complex situations. He has an MCs in dental implantology and in the last three years, Richard has successfully placed around 1500 implants.

Richard Brookshaw (Implant Surgeon)

Richard Brookshaw – All on 4 Dental Implant Surgeon

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